Just for Students

You may wonder what topics we cover in ETSU 1000. Good question! Each instructor has the flexibility to cover topics as requested by his/her section, but all sections will cover some basic things that are to help you be more successful on your journey from orientation to graduation! 

Course overview
  • Ice breakers and getting to know your classmates activities
  • Syllabus (what IS this thing?!)
  • Expectations and assignments
  • ETSU pride (why you don't wear gear from other schools!)


  • Portal (NOT a vortex - you can get out!)
  • D2L (is this something out of a Speilberg movie?)
  • Social networking
  • Academic integrity – plagiarism, cheating

Professors and other important people

  • Communication and email correspondence
  • Professionalism (Seriously, professionalism matters!)

Academic Success

  • Study strategies
  • Test taking
  • Campus Resources
  • Advising
  • How your GPA opens (or closes) doors (ESPR, GradesFirst)

Priorities, Commitment, and Discipline

  • Time management (your 24 hour day and how you use it)
  • Goals (one of yours should be to graduate from college)
  • Money management and financial aid (Ramen anyone?)

Health and Wellness
Because there is a lot to cover in this category, the instructors will probably choose (or you can suggest) from this list, but won't cover it all:

  • Stress management
  • Relationships
  • Drugs, alcohol, sex, sexual harassment, assault
  • Suicide Prevention

Diversity and Civility