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General Education

What should students know about general education for associate degrees and second bachelor's degrees?

Students with Associate of Arts (AA) and Associate of Sciences (AS) degrees from TBR institutions are considered to have completed general education requirements at ETSU.  This is true regardless of when the associate degree was awarded.

Students with AA and AS degrees from non-TBR institutions may apply to Arts and Sciences in the ARC for evaluation of completion of general education requirements.  These students’ transcripts will be evaluated for similarity to the TBR’s general education requirements, but individual general education courses and blocks will not be required to match exactly those of TBR institutions.  Decisions regarding the degree of similarity will be made by the Associate Dean of Arts and Sciences, with appeal opportunities to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Students with Associate of Applied Sciences (AAS) degrees from any institution, within or outside the TBR system, will have their transfer  transcripts analyzed course-by-course to determine equivalencies, if any, to ETSU general education courses.  Any ETSU general education requirements not satisfied as a result of this analysis must be met.

Second Bachelor’s Degrees

Students with first bachelor’s degrees from regionally accredited institutions seeking second bachelor’s degrees from ETSU will be considered to have met all general education requirements.

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