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General Education Curriculum Proposals: Procedures, Forms and Deadlines

General Education Core Course Proposals

Proficiency-Intensive Course Proposals

Removing Proficiency-Intensive Status from a Course

General Education Core Course Proposals

Proposals to add courses to the general education core or remove courses from it require approval by ETSU’s General Education Advisory Council (GEAC) and the Tennessee Board of Regents’ general education committee.  The TBR reviews general education course proposals in October of each year, and approved proposals take effect at the beginning of the next academic year.  In light of this review cycle academic departments should observe the following guidelines:

  • The GEAC accepts general education proposals throughout the year.  To be able to review and approve a proposal and submit it to the TBR in October, the GEAC must receive the proposal no later than September 1st.  NOTE: This deadline does not allow time for departments to revise and resubmit proposals, should the GEAC request revisions.  Therefore, it may be wise to submit proposals in the spring term prior to the fall in which submission to the TBR will occur.
  • Before writing a proposal to add a course to the core, a department should meet with the GEAC to discuss the advisability of moving ahead with the proposal process.  Contact Bill Kirkwood ( or 423.439.5049) to schedule time on the GEAC agenda.

General Education Course Proposal Form

Proficiency-Intensive Course Proposals


Forms for proposing courses to be oral communication-intensive, information technology-intensive, or writing-intensive are online. Faculty seeking more than one proficiency-intensive designation for a course (e.g., oral communication-intensive and writing-intensive) must complete forms for each.

Oral Communication-Intensive Course Proposal Form
Information Technology-Intensive Course Proposal Form
Writing-Intensive Course Proposal Form

After the committee approves a course as proficiency-intensive, the department chair must complete a Proficiency-Intensive Course Routing Sheet and submit it to the chair of the proficiency-intensive committee. The Registrar’s Office uses this form to post information about the course in SIS and the course schedule.


To offer a course as proficiency-intensive for the first time in the terms indicated below, departments should submit proposals to committee chairs by the following dates:




March 1


October 1


October 1


When only certain sections of a course will be taught as proficiency-intensive (following review and approval by the appropriate committee), department chairs must submit a new routing sheet to the proficiency-intensive committee chair prior to each term in which proficiency-intensive sections will be offered. Routing sheets must be submitted according to the deadlines listed above.

Removing Proficiency-Intensive Status from a Course

The General Education Advisory Council (GEAC) has established the following procedure and calendar for removing the proficiency-intensive designation from a course:

  • The change will occur only with the publication of the Undergraduate Catalog for the next academic year.
  • The deadline for changes to the catalog is February 1
  • Removal of proficiency-intensive status requires approval by the department chair, the respective proficiency-intensive committee, the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the GEAC by this date.
  • Because the new academic year begins in the following fall term, removal of proficiency-intensive status will become effective in that term. Until that date, faculty must continue to teach the course as proficiency-intensive.


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