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Academic Council

Reports to:



Take action on curricular proposals emerging from Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Graduate Council, and GEAC;  

Take action on University-wide admission and retention policies;

  Consider (and take action when warranted) on proposals to create new entities or pursue new or revised major academic initiatives/agendas/policies (e.g., Summer School, Continuing Studies, Research, etc.);

  Process information, advise, and take action (when warranted) re proposals involving distance education, online education, cohort students, extended campus initiatives, student   retention and persistence to graduation;

  Advise, consider, and take action (when warranted) re academic issues brought forth for consideration by the Provost or by any member of the Council; and

Advise, consider, and take action (when warranted) re matters impacting academic standards, academic honors, and assessment of academic effectiveness.



Membership  Structure


Voting and all terms are Indefinite

  Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


Bert Bach

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (effective July 1, 2016)

Marsh Grube

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and SACS Liaison (effective July 1, 2016)

Cheri Clavier

Vice Provost for Enrollment Services

Ramona Williams

Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs

Bill Duncan

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Executive Director, Planning and Analysis

William Kirkwood

Vice Provost for Academic Technology Support

Karen King

Associate Vice President for Health Affairs

Jane Jones

Associate Vice President for Student Affairs

Jeff Howard

Dean, Arts and Sciences

Gordon Anderson

Dean,  Business and Technology

Dennis Depew

Dean, Clinical and Rehabilitative Health Sciences

Don Samples

Dean, Continuing Studies

Rick Osborn

Dean, Education

Terence Hicks

Dean, Graduate Studies

Cecilia McIntosh

Dean, Honors College

Judy Slagle

Dean, Libraries

Patricia Van Zandt

Dean, Medicine

Robert Means

Dean, Nursing

Wendy Nehring

Dean, Pharmacy

Larry Calhoun

Dean, Public Health

Randy Wykoff

President, Faculty Senate

Susan Epps

Vice President, Faculty Senate

Bill Flora

Past President, Faculty Senate

Virginia Foley

Chair, Council of Chairs

David Roane

Chair, Graduate Council

Lori Marks

Chair, Research Development Committee

David Hurley

Chair, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee

Keith Green

Representative, General Education Advisory Council

Kellie Price

President, Graduate and Professional Student Association

Rachel Kamnkhwani (designee)

President, Student Government Association

Philip Gadzekpo (designee)

Special Assistant to the President for Equity & Diversity (ex-officio, non-voting) Mary Jordan

Updated 29 August 2016

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