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ETSU Mobile Application Advisory Committee

Provost through the Vice Provost for eLearning

The Mobile Application Committee will be staffed by the Vice Provost for eLearning reporting to the Provost. Policies and procedures related to Mobile application administration will be developed and defined by the Office of eLearning and approved by the Provost. The Advisory Committee will oversee the Mobile Application Implementation Plan and Team and provide ongoing oversight as the application moves from implementation to an enterprise-level deployment. 

This committee will oversee the progress of the mobile application development and implementation and provide ongoing strategic direction for the project. The committee will provide guidance to the project manager and assist in policy and decision making throughout the project. Responsibilities will include: raising awareness of the project at the senior level, approving project strategies and scope, and prioritizing project goals.

Mobile Application implementation will provide as Goals:

  1. A mobile application for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and visitors.
  2. Develop a systematic approach to the development, implementation, and oversight of the ETSU mobile application.
  3. Support to our vendor (Blackboard) for initial and future roll out of the ETSU mobile app.
  4. The means to channel information to web groups and individuals using role-based communications.
  5. The means to integrate institutional data stored within web pages and applications (Banner).
  6. A dynamic access point to university information for our audience.

An implementation team, for operational procedures, will be established to:

  1. Coordinate the technical and information necessary for Blackboard to begin the first rollout of the ETSU Mobile Application.
  2. Ensure app functionality--responsibilities will include: provide technical information as requested by vendor to ETSU data, ensure project meets the needs of the university, work with project vendor, develop appropriate documentation and provide analysis of current and future system requirements, provide technical strategy for implementation, and report project progress to the Advisory Committee.
  3. Provide, via the Office of Information Technology (OIT), server and programming support in accordance with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) to be developed prior to implementation.   The SLA will be revisited when the Advisory team and the Implementation team have had an opportunity to work within the system and have a better understanding of the environment. The SLA may also be revisited if the Chief Information Office and the Vice Provost for eLearning determine a revision is necessary.
  4. Establish a detailed calendar.
Status Membership Structure Name Length of
Voting eLearning, Vice Provost for Dr. Karen King, Chair Indefinite
Academic Technology Representative Daniel Vanzant Indefinite
Admissions - two Representatives   Michelle Williams Indefinite
Teresa Williams Indefinite
Alumni Representative Bob Plummer Indefinite
Athletics - two Representatives   Barbara Mason Indefinite
Mike White Indefinite
eLearning Representative Daniel Gibson  Indefinite
Enrollment Management, Vice Provost for Dr. Ramona Williams  Indefinite
Distance Education Representative Rob Nelson  Indefinite
Faculty Senate Representative Alan Forsman  Indefinite
Financial Services Representative Lisa Rowland  Indefinite
Graduate Studies Representative    Indefinite
Information Technology, Associate Vice President Mark Bragg  Indefinite
Marketing Representative Heather Laurendeau  Indefinite
QEP InTOPform Representative Dr. Bill Kirkwood  Indefinite
Student Affairs Representative Jeff Howard  Indefinite
Student Government Representative Cody Sims  Indefinite
University Libraries Representative Dr. Celia Szarejko  Indefinite
Web Team Representative Michaele Laws  Indefinite
Updated 20 September 2012
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