University Planning Committee

Reports to:



  • Propose major goals whose achievement requires the involvement of many segments of the university, solicit plans for achieving these goals, review these plans to determine if they are appropriate and sufficient, coordinate such planning with the budgeting process, monitor implementation of approved plans, and evaluate progress in achieving goals; provide a status report on strategic planning initiatives to the President at least annually.
  • Assure that the university’s strategic planning process includes a format for submitting information that will ensure overall consistency and accountability and is done in a timely manner.
  • Provide an annual critique of the university's institutional effectiveness, planning and budgeting processes.
  • Review TBR and THEC planning mandates and associated reporting requirements and ensure that they receive appropriate attention.
  • Oversee the university’s compliance with SACS requirements and implementation and assessment of the Quality Enhancement Plan.
  • Review the university's vision, mission, values, and strategic goals annually; submit for the President's approval any proposed revisions thereof; and urge consideration of the university’s mission in all planning activities on campus.
  • Scan the environment for developments with implications for the university, explore appropriate responses to these developments, assure that planning processes take into appropriate account environmental factors, and report on these matters at least annually to the President.
  • Assist decision-making about major planning items by conducting exploratory discussions of proposals among the members of the UPC and, as appropriate, providing summaries of these discussions to the President and other decision-makers.
  • Ensure that the university community is informed in a timely manner about major planning decisions, including the reasons for these decisions and their implications for the university; when feasible and appropriate, provide opportunities for interested parties on campus to participate in discussion of major planning issues before decisions are made.


Membership  Structure


Voting and all terms are Indefinite unless otherwise noted.


Dr. Bert Bach

Vice President for Health Affairs/ UCOO

Dr. Wilsie Bishop

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Mark Bragg

Director of Athletics

Dr. Richard Sander

Director of Equity and Diversity

Ms. Mary Jordan

Director of Facilities Planning

Mr. Shawn Benson

Director of Institutional Research

Mr. Michael Hoff

Director of Internal Audit

Ms. Becky Lewis

Director of Quality Enhancement Plan

Dr. Amy Johnson

Executive Director, Office of Planning and Analysis


Dr. Bill Kirkwood

Representative from
Council of Chairs
(max. 3-year term)

Dr. Gregory Ordway (2014)

Representative from
Deans’ Council
(max. 3-year term)

Dr. Hal Knight (2015)

Faculty Senate President

Dr. Randy Byington (2014)

Faculty Senate Vice President

Dr. Virgina Foley (2014)

Representative from Staff Senate
(max. 3-year term)

Ms. Stefanie Murphy (2015)

Representative from
Student Government Association
(1-year term)

Mr. Michael Wallace

SACS Liaison

Dr. Marsh Grube

Vice President for Finance and Administration

Dr. David Collins

Vice President for Student Affairs

Dr. Joe Sherlin

Vice President for University Advancement

Mr. Jeff Anderson (Interim)

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Dr. Marsh Grube

Vice Provost for Academic
Technology Services

Dr. Karen King

Vice Provost for Enrollment Services

Dr. Ramona Williams

Vice Provost for Research and Sponsored Programs

Dr. William Duncan

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Dr. Bill Kirkwood

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