University Research Advisory Council

Reports to: Vice Provost for Research
Charge: Serve as an advisory body to the Vice Provost for Research (or the President) on matters pertaining to research, scholarship and creative activities within the University

Foster the success and growth of research programs at the University

Recommend for action by the Academic Council policies and procedures which will enhance the ability of the University to achieve its potential for distinction in research, scholarship and creative activities

Identify priorities for institutional support for research, e.g. infrastructure, major equipment, maintenance contracts, etc.

Identify opportunities for external collaborative projects

Foster communication among researchers in the different colleges

Maintain a database and review annually the institution's success in deriving extramural funding from sponsored programs (Research, Service, and Instruction) eligible for indirect cost allocation.

Status Membership Structure Name Length of Term
 Voting  Vice Provost for Research
Dr. William R. Duncan  Indefinite 
Assistant Vice President for Research/Director Office
of Research & Sponsored Programs Administration 
 Dr. Louise Nuttle Indefinite
 Graduate School  Dr. Cecilia McIntosh  Indefinite
 Honors College Dr. Foster Levy   Indefinite
 Chair, Research Development Committee  Dr. David Hurley  Indefinite
 Chair, University Committee on
Animal Care
 Dr. David Roane  Indefinite
 Sherrod Library Ms. Patricia Van Zandt Indefinite
 Faculty Senate Committee on
Research, Creative, & Scholarly Activity
 Dr. Sharon Campbell  2014
 High Performance Cluster
Computer Committee
 Dr. Jeff Knisley  2015
 College of Arts & Sciences  Dr. Anan Godbole  2014
 College of Business & Technology  Dr. Donald Shemwell  2013
 College of Clinical & Rehabilitative
Health Sciences
 Dr. Craig Wassinger  2013
 College of Education  Dr. John Wheeler  2015
 College of Medicine  Dr. Greg Ordway 2017
 College of Nursing  Dr. Joellen Edwards  2014
 College of Pharmacy  Dr. David Roane  2015
 College of Public Health  Dr. Joel Hillhouse  2014

Updated 18 March 2014

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