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This page contains instructions on how to request that an event be added to the "Featured Events" section of the homepage. Please suggest events that you would like for others on campus and in the community to know about.

featured events section

Follow the instructions below carefully to add the item to PlanIt ETSU.  Please note that every attempt will be made to honor your requests for inclusion on the homepage, however, the office of university relations reserves the right to deny or modify the duration of all items submitted for the homepage.

Requests MUST be made at least 2 weeks in advance , to allow for proper design and placement of the information.


To request that an item be added to the ETSU homepage highlighted event area, add the event to PlanIt ETSU

The details of how to complete these steps are outlined here:

  1. The event must be added to PlanIt ETSU
    NOTE: events added through the online event submission form may take up to 3 days for approval. Please take this into consideration when requesting an event for the homepage.
    1. When adding an event to PlanIt ETSU the category “ Homepage” must be selected among the categories chosen (you can choose multiple categories, but this one must be included for the item to be considered for inclusion on the homepage)
    2. When adding an event to PlanIt ETSU each event MUST have
      1. An image uploaded with the event
      2. A brief 5-15 word “tag line” in the “Internal Information” box
        View of are in the calendar to add the web address
        view of the internal notes area in the calendar to add the tag line
      3. A detailed description of the event (if an attachment is used, details must also be included in the calendar description field)
  2. If the item is approved for the Homepage category in PlanIt ETSU, you will receive an acceptance email. If you receive an email saying the event was denied for the Homepage category, this means one of the following is true:
    • the event was not appropriate for the homepage at this time
    • the event is already being included on the homepage.
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