Identity FAQ

When will the new visual identity be announced?

March 2014.

I have 1,000 brochures and 100 T-shirts that bear our existing department logo. How long may I keep using them?

The unified ETSU visual identity will be announced in March 2014. After the announcement, all new materials ordered with an ETSU affiliated logo (college, school, department, etc.), must conform to the new identity standards. Anything ordered before the announcement may be used through fall of 2014. Any questions regarding your project and its relation to this process may be directed to .

How can I differentiate my college or department from others on campus?

There will be new graphic standards for where and how your college name, department, etc., can be incorporated into the new unified visual identity.

Can I create my own logo?

To maintain visual identity continuity, the university will make available graphic design services to design logos that conform to identity standards.

Will the mountain logo be changing?

The university will have a unified visual identity. The unified visual identity may incorporate the existing mountain logo, a revised mountain logo or a new logo altogether.

Will we have one logo for the university?

We will have one logo for academics and one for athletics, as well as the university seal.

How can I get involved in this process?

We welcome input from everyone across campus. Please email with your thoughts, comments or questions. Also, we will conduct focus groups Sept. 30-Oct. 11. To participate in a focus group, please visit the Focus Group Registration page.

I maintain my department’s website and social media account, and they bear our department logo. What does this mean for me?

Websites and social media accounts must also meet the new identity standards. Any questions regarding your project and its relation to this process can be directed to

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