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ETSU Promotional Videos

These videos were put together by Professor Marty Fitzgerald, who teaches in the Digital Media program.

I Am So ETSU from Marty Fitzgerald on Vimeo.
This is a visual composite of the often funny, usually
exhausting, always  relentless issues, experiences,
requirements, observances, needs, and  successes
that clutter our desks and define our days.

This I Know from Marty Fitzgerald on Vimeo.
Through her eyes and words, we see the complicated,
hectic, and gratifying  work that defines one ETSU

Chasing The Future from Chris Vaughn on Vimeo.

Living out Loud
With music specially written for the video, we praise the
level of commitment,  perseverance and dedication
students, faculty and staff alike bring every day to make
this the unique and embracing campus it is.

Start Something (:60) from Marty Fitzgerald on Vimeo.
A visual fantasy, this video captured the inspiration and
subsequent ideas that spring forth in every classroom. 
Possibilities abound on the ETSU campus.

Countdown from Marty Fitzgerald on Vimeo.
As ETSU approached its 100th anniversary with much
excitement, we  reflected on the passage of time.

Go Bucs from Marty Fitzgerald on Vimeo.
ETSU is part of a bigger community that fuels our student
ranks, runs our  facilities, supports our teams, applauds
our arts, and inspires us to remember  our roll in building
a better place called—home.

We make this place

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