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Current Topic - Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Unit Test - 11/15 Fiscal Policy Mini-Quiz

Monetary Policy Sub Packet Due 11/21 - must be complete

Stock Tracking Sheet

Stock Sheet and Essay (see the bottom of the tracking sheet) Due 11/27





1st Quarter - Unit 1
Unit 2 - Supply and Demand
Unit 3 - Market Structures and Business Organizations
2nd Quarter - Unit 4 - Saving & Investing

10/10 - Welcome Back!

  • Saving and Investing Vocab Activity
  • Attitudes about Money Survey and Discussion

10/11 - Functions and Characteristics of Money

  • Barter and Trade Simulation
  • PPT Discussion
  • Categorize Sheet and Student created examples
  • Goodwin Reading

10/12 - Library Lab to set up stock project

10/13 - Saving and Investing

  • Are you an active or passive investor? Reading and discussion
  • Risk Assessment Quiz
  • Client Profiles

Unit 5 - Macroeconomic Performance

10/18 - Introduction to Macroeconomics

  • Numbers that Make the News Reading and Questions
  • Macroeconomics Crash Course
  • Discuss basic definition of GDP and speculate why certain items are excluded from GDP claculations

10/19 - Gross Domestic Product

  • Topic Discussion (See ppts for full information)
    Bucland Calculations
    Is it counted, why, and economic impact handout

10/20 - Nominal vs. Real GDP

  • Graph analysis and discussion (see ppts)
    Nominal vs. Real Reading and calculation practice
    Why is GDP like GPA podcast
    Interview Questions (if time permits)

10/23 - Aggregate Supply and Demand

10/24 - Review Game, Quiz

10/25 - ABCD Review, Real GDP per Capita

10/26 - Lab Assignment

Website Link

If you are absent, see Ms. Campbell for assignment modification instructions.

10/27 - The Business Cycle

10/30 - Business Cycle Review and Unemployment (p. 341 #2-4, 7-10)

10/31 - Unemployment Calc., Kahoot Review, Stocks

11/1 - No School!

11/2 - Inflation

  • Handout (see Ms. Campbell for a copy)

11/3 - Journal Questions, Macro Puzzle Activity, Test Prep

11/6 - Test Prep

11/7 - Macroeconomic Performance Unit Test


Unit 6 - Economic Stabilization (Fiscal and Monetary Policy)

 11/10 - Fiscal Policy Stations

11/13 - Fiscal Policy Options Notes and Worksheet

11/14 Pre-Act

11/15 - Fiscal Policy Mini-Quiz, Federal Reserve

11/16 - Monetary Policy Sub Packet (Due in Class on 11/21 - must be complete!)

11/17 - No Class, Anne Frank Play, Last day for Stock Game

11/20 - Lab for Stock Essay

Unit 1
Unit 2 - Supply and Demand


1. Why does the demand curve slope downward?

2. Why does the supply curve slope upward?

3. According to the laws of supply and demand, how do consumers and producers react to changes in price? What does this look like on the graph?

4. As a consumer, how do changes in price affect your spending habits? What would this look like on a demand curve graph?

7/31 - excused if absent

Use your supply and demand current event to complete the following:

a.    Summary: Summarize the main points (who, what, where, when, why, how) of the article.

b.   Analysis: This is where you need to connect it to what you have learned in the current unit.  Please give examples to support your response.

c.    Evaluation: Why is this event important to know about?  Please give examples to support your response.

d.   Opinion: What do you think about the current event? How does the event affect you? Your opinion must be based on prior knowledge and what you have read. Use economic vocabulary and knowledge to support your response.


1. What does it mean for a market to be at equilibrium? Disequilibrium?

2. Explain price controls. Do they help or harm the poor? What are the unintended consequences of price controls? Knowing the consequences of price controls, should they be put in place? Why?


1. How does raising the minimum wage above the market wage create a surplus of workers?
2. Summarize the reasons some economists support a higher minimum wage.
3. Summarize the reasons some economists oppose a higher minimum wage.
4. Why might the minimum wage be an inefficient approach to reducing poverty?
5. What types of programs might be more efficient in reducing poverty?

Unit 3 - Market Structures and Business Organizations


What effect will an increase in demand have on eq price and quantity? Graph it.

What effect will a decrease in supply have on eq price and quantity? Graph it.

Compare the behavior of firms and buyers in perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, and monopolistic competition.

Explain how barriers to entry limit competition.


1. Explain the difference between each form of business ownership. What are the pros and cons of each?

2. List all of the market structures from least competitive to most competitive.

Unit 4 - Saving and Investing
Unit 5 - Macroeconomic Performance

10/20 Journal Questions

1.  Explain the difference between intermediate and final goods. Which one is included in GDP calculations? Why?

2.  Why are transfer payments excluded from GDP calculations?

3.  What are some of the limitations of GDP? Do you feel it is a good measure of economic growth?



1. Explain the difference between nominal gdp and real gdp. Which one is a better indicator of economic growth?


1. Explain the each of the 4 types of unemployment.

2. Why will there always be people who are unemployed?

3. Who is hurt/helped by unanticipated inflation?

4. How does increased aggregate demand lead to inflation?

Unit 6 - Economic Stabilization (Fiscal and Monetary Policy)

Fiscal Policy

Monetary Policy

Unit 5 - Macroeconomic Performance


GDP Hints

Real vs. Nominal GDP Reading and ppt from class

Aggregate Supply and Demand

AS/AD Help Sheet

The Business Cycle

Unemployment - read the section in Chapter 13


Test Review

Topic Study Guide

Unit 6 - Economic Stabilization (Fiscal and Monetary Policy)



2017 Semester Exam Prep - The semester exam will be cumulative and I strongly suggest students begin studying as early as possible. You should review all of your notes, handouts (including previous study guides), and textbook chapters. We will do some review in class, but it will not replace studying.

Study Materials

Study Guide Topics Only

Another Study Guide

Visual Study Guide

Review Packet

Review PPT Part I

Review PPT Part II

Interactive Study Guide - pick and choose the topics you would like to review

Practice Test - similar to the style of questions you will see on the exam

Textbook Practice Quizzes (click on chapter and then Progress Monitoring Online)

Khan Academy Videos


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