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University School

K-12 Public School


Welcome to the University School Cafeteria!


Cafeteria Menus, Prices, Information
 Menus, prices, hours of service and lots of other important information can be found on this page. 
Please note that the following pricing is current as of the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year:

Breakfast - $1.60
           Rd.  30
           Adult  2.25
           Breakfast entree  1.25
Lunch -
           Elementary  2.40
           Middle         2.50
           High School 2.80
           Adults         3.50

University School Cafeteria Menus

 Grab and Go Breakfast icon** In addition to the menu for each day, we will offer a Grab & Go breakfast.  It is a bag with ready to eat items.  Get the bag, come to the computer checkout, & Go!

**  There are also extra items daily for 7th-12th grades.  In July this will include Stuffed Crust, Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Fries.

**  Drinks and snacks are available every day from 7:25 am to 12:40 pm.

Printable and Accessible October Lunch Menu

Lunch Menu

Printable and Accessible October Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Lunch application online

Cafeteria Online Payments

Cafeteria Online Payments

Cafeteria Online Payments

Printable Cafeteria Online Payment Information Letter

Link to

Cafeteria Online Payments


Cafeteria Rate Adjustments Effective January 2017
Cafeteria Notification:

Please accept this letter as notification of a slight rate adjustment, effective January 2017. The adjustment is a result of compliance requirements from the state. Over the years Washington County Schools has worked hard to bring you and your family very reasonable prices for the products served. We do everything we can to bring you great values and stretch your hard earned dollars. We will continue to make this effort. Below are listed the price adjustments. We hope you fell this is still a great value and we appreciate your support.

Breakfast $1.60
Elementary Lunch $2.40
Middle School Lunch $2.50
High School Lunch $2.80

Lunch application onlineAll families are eligible to apply for free and reduced lunch at any time throughout the year. The applications may be picked up in the school office and returned to the cafeteria manager at University School or brought to Central Office to be processed.

New Washington County Nutrition Policy - Prohibits Charging Over Two Meals
Parent Letter from Ms. Kim Curtis, School Cafeteria Manager

November 1, 2016

Dear Parent or Guardian,

I know there are times that your child forgets lunch money and needs to charge. This is something that happens from time to time. In the past lunch accounts were charged up to the end of the quarter, this is no more.  Washington County School Nutrition now has a policy in place that only allows two meals to be charged. Your child may pay by the day or put money on their account. Being that UH is a Washington County School; we must follow this policy as well.

As the parent or guardian there are ways to keep up with your child’s account balance. Email me anytime at or call UH cafeteria, 439-4001, I am here Monday thru Friday from 6:00am to 1:00pm. My door is always open if you would like to come in to see me.

Washington County School Nutrition now has a new Director, Mrs. Shew, she has some wonderful ideas for food service, so stay tuned for that.

We now have a Facebook, (Washington County School Nutrition), go like our page!!

Your cooperation is much appreciated,

Kim Curtis, UH cafeteria


There will be no more waiting to pay at the end of the 9 weeks in the cafeteria.  Audits are not correct when this occurs.  All meals in the cafeteria should be paid for daily or place money in their accounts.  If for some reason your child must charge, the charge needs to be paid by the following day.  Please make sure your child has money on their accounts or doesn't owe by calling the cafeteria any day of the week from 6:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.  Thank you, Kim Curtis, Cafeteria Manager

Full Tray Picture 

Lunches will be provided at the following times:

  • 10:30-11:00: K-3rd grade
  • 11:00-11:30: 4th -6th grade
  • 11:30-12:00: 7th -8th grade
  • 12:00-12:30: 10th and 11th grade
  • 12:30-1:00: 9th and 12th grade

Students in grades 7th through 12th may eat outside depending on the weather. 7th and 8th grade students are expected to stay in the back of the building. 9th and 10th grade students may eat in the back or front of the building.  11th and 12th grade students may go to the Culp Center to eat.

Students may not go eat at or get food from Pal’s, Cook Out, McDonald’s, the BP gas station or any other location that would require them to leave the main campus of ETSU. Students who drive and park on campus may not go to their cars during lunch.  Lunch and driving privileges might be revoked and/or other disciplinary measures might be appropriate if students chose to not respect these expectations.

Snacks available in cafeteria 7:25 - 12:45 

Snacks / A la Carte items are available for purchase during cafeteria hours, 7:25 - 12:45 which includes before school, during breakfast and during designated breaks/lunch times.  These items cannot be charged. 

A la Carte New Items!!!

  • Rice Krispies treats .75
  • Pudding .50
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie .25
  • Slushies .75
  • Ice Cream  .50 and .75
  • Assorted Chips  .50
  • Chef Salad $3.00 (a la carte only)
  • We now have Sunflower Seeds!  .25 

Entree - 1.90
Taco, Pizza, Hamburger, Chicken Patty Sandwich, Chicken Nuggets, Spaghetti, Chicken Vegetable Soup, Steak, Baked Chicken, Popcorn Chicken, Turkey Wrap, Pulled Pork BBQ, Fajita Chicken Pita Pocket, Bake Potato w/Chili, Chef Salad, Fish Sandwich, Roast Turkey w/Gravy, Deli Sandwich, Turkey Corn Dog

Vegetables & Fruits - .60

Large Fruit - Yogurt Parfait - 1.00

Additional Items

  • 8 oz. WATER - .50
  • MILK - .35
  • ORANGE JUICE - .25
  • BREAD - .30

Other items may become available, when they do I will update the A la Carte sheet.

Please Note: A la Carte items cannot be charged, the student must have cash or money on their account before they can purchase these items. 


Dear Parent or Guardian,

With the federal guidelines changing school lunches (see menus above) your child may have told you about the changes going on now in the cafeteria. As most of you have noticed breakfast and lunch prices have increased, as well as the A la Carte items (see list below). If your student is going to purchase a lunch this is what they must have on their tray.  At least three of these items and one must be a fruit or vegetable. This counts as their meal for the price of their grade level, (example: 1.95- k-4, 2.05- 5-8 and 2.15 for 9-12). An entre (meat), a vegetable and fruit, or two vegetables or two fruits, milk, and roll if the roll comes with the entre item, otherwise your student will be charged A la Carte prices for what they have on their tray.

Please keep in mind that no charging is allowed in the cafeteria, I try to refrain from this but I understand emergencies occur and it cannot be helped, so parents please help me with this matter. Please note, you may receive a phone call from the cafeteria manager, letting you know your child owes money in the cafeteria. Some charges get way out of control and the amount of food prepared depends on the amount of students paying for breakfast or lunch. If money is not sent in for your childs account, your child cannot be counted as buying a meal. When this happens it makes my meal count low, and that means less food being prepared.

We want to thank you for letting us serve your child.


  • Please note that there will be no charging allowed in the cafeteria.
  • Parents, when writing a check, please use black or blue ink.  Regions Bank has asked us not to accept any checks written with other colors of ink.  We are sorry for any inconvenience! 


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