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Health Heroes

The ETSU Health Heroes Program is a University Wellness Committee initiative that aims to recognize members of the ETSU community who have undertaken great health accomplishments and/or who exemplify what it is to live a healthy life-style.  Health Heroes are recognized in a ceremony in the spring of each year.

Criteria for Selection as an ETSU Health Hero :

The nominee(s) should demonstrate one or more of the following nomination criteria:

    1. A consistently healthy lifestyle and positive attitude
    2. A life-style change that is healthier
    3. A noteworthy health accomplishment, e.g. weight loss, miles
        run/walked per week/month, overcome significant health obstacles, or
        having made a significant contribution to the wellness of others

In addition, the nominee should:

    1. Be a current ETSU student, faculty, or staff member, a member of the ETSU Alumni Association or the ETSU Retirees Association
   (those in the latter two catergories must be currently active in the  local and/or ETSU communities) 
    2. Exhibit satisfactory performance and a positive image as a member of the ETSU community

 * Self-nominations are encouraged and accepted!*

Health Hero Nomination Form

2015 Health Hero Winners

Health Heroes Winners

James Batchelder, Julia Guinn, Jennifer Hoard, Alexander Munjal, Dr. Brian Noland, and Linda Raines.         

 Alexander Munjal and Dr. Noland were not able to be present for the photo.


2015 Health Heroes Nominees

Health Heroes Nominees










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