ETSU Residency Timeline

December/January (Of Year Prior to entering residency)

  • Current Degree Works Audit needs to be signed by advisor (must show courses student is currently enrolled in for semester at time of applying for Residency)

  • Complete a list of field experience observation/clinical experience hours (including each course, number of hours required in course, and where the hours were observed )

  • Advisor Check-in: Meet with advisor to make sure you are on

track to enter residency.

January (Of Year Prior to entering residency)

  • January 1 Residency Application Opens (Fall)

    • Signed Degree works and Field experience list will be needed to complete application

    • Code of Ethic/Memorandum of Understanding (Will be completed and signed within the residency


March 1st

- Residency Application Closes (For Students beginning Pre-

residency in July)


- Complete Residency Orientation

May – July 1

  • Complete a Background Check Package

    • VECHS Waiver Agreement and Statement Form - Authorizes Clemmer College access to fingerprinting results from anyone requiring a background check through the college.

    • Noncriminal Justice Applicant's Privacy Rights Form - Prevents Clemmer College from releasing background check history and/or information to any outside agencies.

    • ETSU Authorization for Background Check Entry Form- Enforces background check guidelines from Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

    • Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Fingerprinting

    • Background Check paperwork must be completed within 1 week of background check fingerprinting date

  • Obtain Professional Liability Insurance

  • Purchase a LiveText Membership


  • Receive placement confirmation for school and mentor teacher

  • Placements are sent as they are received from each district.


  • Pre-Residency Meeting

  • Pre-Residency Begins

  • Pre-Residency includes a 50-hour field component and additional coursework.

  • The start date for Pre-Residency varies by school system and is designed to put candidates into the school and classroom before the beginning of school in late July/early August.

  • Must complete Self-EDA in LiveText


- All entering test scores (ACT, SAT, Praxis CORE) must be

submitted prior to August 15 or beginning Residency I

  • Residency I Begins

  • Residency I candidates meet and work with their mentor teacher in partner school systems during the fall semester prior to Residency II. Residency I includes a 135-hour field

component and additional coursework.


  • Residency II Meeting

  • LiveText hours must be logged and approved by Mentor Teacher (due by last day of classes)

  • Complete all required assessments in LiveText

  • All Praxis subject assessments must be submitted to Office of Educator Preparation via score report and as score recipient by the first day of RII

o Candidates will not be permitted into Residency II

without passing all Praxis subject assessments.


- Residency II Begins * First week in January

o The Residency II semester must be a minimum of 15 full weeks of co-teaching and teaching. This semester must include a placement in at least two different settings. The amount of time spent in each setting will

vary with the candidate’s area of concentration.


  • Graduation and Certification Meeting

  • Residency II Placement Change

o Date to be announced


  • Pre-licensing form sent out by ETSU Certification Office

  • EdTPA Finalized and Submitted

  • LiveText hours must be logged and approved by Mentor Teacher (due by last day of classes)

  • Complete all required assessments in LiveText


  • Pinning Ceremony

  • Graduation

  • Certification Coordinator will apply for your teaching license after your degree is posted (2-3 weeks after graduation)

  • Complete the End of Program Survey


- Check email from Certification Office with licensure information from TN Compass- you will need to complete a Personal Affirmation to finalize the licensure application