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New Budget Process

ETSU 125

Academic Portfolio Review Committee

Committee Resources:

June 3, 2014 Committee Deliberations



Over the course of the past decade, ETSU has navigated a volatile policy environment marked by diminished state support for operations, rising tuition costs, and pressures from stakeholders to diversify resources while concurrently reducing operating costs. While these pressures are unrelenting, calls to serve the multiple missions of teaching, research and service have amplified as the state has turned to higher education to drive innovation and economic development. Through the Complete College Tennessee Act, the state has further altered the policy landscape by linking institutional funding with degree completion. While the formula is flawed in that it does not recognize the inherent costs associated with the unique mission of ETSU, we must nonetheless examine internal funding decisions in light of state priorities.

In response to this fluid policy landscape, ETSU is working to develop a new budget process that aligns strategic planning and budgetary processes. While we have historically relied upon a base plus budget model, the current landscape necessitates that we facilitate an environment that reflects our shared values and priorities. Over the course of the 18-24 months, we will develop a budget process that maximizes collaborative decision-making and places greater budgetary discretion at the college, department, and unit level.

In order to ensure that resources align with mission-specific priorities, the Academic Portfolio Review committee will conduct a holistic review of academic and administrative programs and services. Under the leadership of Dr. Virginia Foley, this committee will examine opportunities for program redesign, interdisciplinary collaboration, and the potential for program elimination for those entities that are low-producing, duplicative, or do not align with mission-specific priorities. Furthermore, the review process will assist in identifying programmatic changes that enhance program viability and student success.

The committee membership is as follows:

Virginia Foley, chair
Wilsie Bishop
Darrell Carter
Terry Countermine
Michele Crumley
Susan Epps
Bethany Flora
Lee Glenn
Don Johnson
Karen King
Dhirendra Kumar
Jim Mead
Greg Ordway
Tom Schacht
Phil Scheuerman
Al Spritzer
Ramona Williams
IR Staff Support: Mike Hoff
Consulting Service (per Contract): Rick Staisloff, Principal rpkGROUP

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