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Programs and Opportunities

ETSU 125

Academics: Task Force Membership

Staff Resource Member

       Bert Bach, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs


       Bill Kirkwood, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education


       Daryl Carter, Assistant Professor, History

       Alan Forsman, Associate Professor, Health Sciences

       Karen Kornweibel, PhD, Director, Honors-in-Discipline Programs

       Michelle Crumley, Assistant Professor, Political Science

       Terry Countermine, Chair / Professor, Computer and Information Sciences

       Alison Barton, Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning

       Kelly Atkins, Associate Professor, Marketing and Management

Staff / Administration

       Karen King, Vice Provost, Academic Tech Support

       Pat Van Zandt, Dean, University Libraries

       Cecilia McIntosh, Dean, School of Graduate Studies

       Anita DeAngelis, Director Mary B. Martin School / Professor, Art & Design

       Dan Brown, Associate Dean/Professor, Communication


       Zachary McCamey, SGA Nomination


       Roy Ike Ikenberry,Former Director of Institutional Research, Belmont University

       Steve Barnett, Principal, Town Acres, Johnson City Schools / ETSU PhD Candidate

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