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Office 365 Migration

East Tennessee State University

Migration Timeline
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Migration Date


Acad Pgms Student Services TBD
Academic Affairs Instruction TBD
Academic Support Bristol TBD
Academic Support JC TBD
Academic Support Kingsport TBD
Academic Technology Support TBD
Accelerated Masters in Business Adm TBD
Accountancy TBD
Adult, Commuter and Trans. TBD
Adv Res Career Center TBD
Affirmative Action TBD
Allied Health Sciences TBD
Alumni TBD
Ambulatory Teaching TBD
Appalachian Studies TBD
Archives Administration TBD
Art and Design TBD
Arts and Sciences CASE TBD
Assault Program Counseling TBD
Assessment and Teaching TBD
Assoc Dean Academic Affairs TBD
Assoc Dean Student Serv TBD
Athletic Academic Service TBD
Athletic Compliance  TBD
Athletic Equipment Management TBD
Athletic Training Room    TBD
Athletic Weight Room TBD
Audiology and Speech Lang Pathology TBD
Biology TBD
Biomedical Communications TBD
Biomedical Sciences TBD
Biostatistics and Epidemiology TBD
Buc Ridge Maintenance TBD
Bucs Sports Network  TBD
Buctainment TBD
Budget and Financial Planning TBD
Building Maintenance TBD
Bureau of Business Research TBD
Business Program Enhancement TBD
Campus Radio FM TBD
Campus Recreation TBD
Carter Train Museum TBD
Center for Nursing Research TBD
Center for Physical Activity TBD
Center of Excellence Math Science TBD
Central Accounts TBD
Chair of Banking TBD
Cheerleaders TBD
Chemistry TBD
Child Care Services TBD
Child Study Center TBD
Child Study Little Bucs TBD
Child Study Matching TBD
COE Specialized Academic Course Fee TBD
Cohort Programs TBD
College of Medicine Rural Programs TBD
Comm Engagement Learning Leadership TBD
Common Expense Accounts TBD
Communication and Performance TBD
Communicative Disorders Clinic TBD
Community and Behavioral Health TBD
Computing TBD
Continuing Medical Education TBD
Counseling & Human Services TBD
Counseling Center TBD
Criminal Justice TBD
Ctr Excell Sport Science Coach Educ TBD
Ctr for Excell in Early Child TBD
Ctr for Geriatrics and Gerontol TBD
Curriculum and Instruction TBD
Custodial TBD
Custodial Services TBD
Custodial Services Housing TBD
Dean  Honors College TBD
Dean College of Arts and Sciences TBD
Dean College Of Bus and Technology TBD
Dean College of Education TBD
Dean College of Medicine TBD
Dean College of Nursing TBD
Dean College of Pharmacy TBD
Dean College of Public Health Adm TBD
Dean Cont Studies and Acad Outreach TBD
Debit Card Operation TBD
Degree Programs TBD
Dental Hygiene TBD
Digital Media Center TBD
Digital Media Program Enhance TBD
Dir of Roan Scholars Leadership TBD
Director Auxiliary Services TBD
Disability Services TBD
Disability Services Access TBD
Distance Education TBD
Div of Lab Animal Resources TBD
Division of Theatre and Dance TBD
Eco Nuts & Eco Ambassador Educ Prog TBD
Economics and Finance TBD
Educ Leadership Policy Analysis TBD
Emergency Preparedness TBD
Engineering Tech Surveying Dig Med TBD
Environmental Health TBD
Environmental Health and Safety TBD
ETSU at Kingsport TBD
ETSU at Kingsport Downtown TBD
ETSU at Sevier Center TBD
Exercise and Sport Sciences TBD
Experiential Programs TBD
External Operations TBD
Family Medicine TBD
Family Practice Clin Educ Supp TBD
Family Practice Clinical Educ TBD
Family Practice Resid Brist TBD
Family Practice Resid Johnson City TBD
Family Practice Resid Kpt TBD
Finance   Administration TBD
Finance Office Family Practice TBD
FM Research TBD
Fraternity and Sorority Life and Co TBD
Game Operations - Men's Football TBD
Geosciences TBD
Government Relations TBD
Graduate Business Programs TBD
Graduate Program COM TBD
Graduate School TBD
Graduation Expense TBD
Harris Chair TBD
Health Sciences TBD
Health Services Mgmt and Policy TBD
HIPAA Compliance and Security TBD
History TBD
Horticulture Department TBD
Human Resources TBD
Infor Technology Comp Svcs TBD
Innovation Laboratory TBD
Institutional Research TBD
Institutional Review Board TBD
Internal Medicine TBD
International Education General TBD
International Programs TBD
Kinesiology Sport & Recreation Mgmt TBD
Language and Culture Resource Cntr TBD
Learning Services TBD
Library Administration TBD
Literature and Language TBD
Maintenance of Grounds TBD
Management and Marketing TBD
Marching Band TBD
Marketing  Promotion TBD
Mary B Martin School of the Arts TBD
Mass Communication TBD
Master of Science-Digital Marketing TBD
Masters Public Health TBD
Mathematics and Statistics TBD
Mathematics and Statistics Lab TBD
Medical Library Administration TBD
Mens Baseball        TBD
Mens Basketball      TBD
Men's Football TBD
Mens Golf            TBD
Mens Soccer TBD
Mens Tennis          TBD
Mens Track And Field TBD
Military Science TBD
Motor Vehicle Operations TBD
MPA Program TBD
Music TBD
Natural History Museum TBD
Nursing Acad Health Sci Spec Fee TBD
Nursing Graduate Programs TBD
Nursing Undergraduate Programs TBD
Nursing-Office of Student Services TBD
Office of Admissions TBD
Office of Equity   Diversity TBD
Office of Financial Aid TBD
Office of Financial Services TBD
Office of Graduate Medical Educ TBD
Office of Intercoll Athletics TBD
Office of Internal Audit TBD
Office of Practice TBD
Office of Prof Development TBD
Office of Public Affairs TBD
Office of Sponsored Programs TBD
Office of the President TBD
Office of University Counsel TBD
Office of University Relations TBD
Office of VP for Univ Adv TBD
Office Serv. Learn TBD
Online Fee Distance Education TBD
Orientation Services TBD
Parking Service TBD
Pathology TBD
Pediatrics TBD
Personnel TBD
Pharmaceutical Sciences TBD
Pharmacy Practice TBD
Philosophy and Humanities TBD
Photo Lab TBD
Physical Plant TBD
Physical Plant Adm TBD
Physical Therapy TBD
Physical Therapy Course Fee TBD
Physics and Astronomy TBD
Plant Maint Repairs Housing TBD
Plant Maintenance and Repairs TBD
Pol Science Intl Affairs Public Adm TBD
Post Office TBD
Postal Services TBD
Power House Operations TBD
Practice Facility TBD
President Emeritus TBD
Procurement and Contract Services TBD
Provost  VP Academic Affairs TBD
Psychiatry TBD
Psychology TBD
Quality Enhancement Plan TBD
Quillen Chair of Geriat  Geront TBD
Recycling Task Force TBD
Reece Museum TBD
Regional Resources Institute TBD
Registrar TBD
Res Imp Comm Outreach TBD
Res Imp Nursing TBD
Res Imp Public Health TBD
RODP Academic Year TBD
Rural and Community Health TBD
Safety   Security TBD
Scholarship Office TBD
SDNU BBA Partnership TBD
Small Business Program TBD
Social Work TBD
Social Work Field Practicum Fee TBD
Sociology TBD
SORC Administration TBD
Sports Information   TBD
Stdt Exchange Pgms (NSEA ISE) TBD
Student Activities Other TBD
Student Activity Support TBD
Student Government Association TBD
Student Health Clinic TBD
Student Housing TBD
Student Newspaper TBD
Student Services Adm TBD
Student Services COM TBD
Student Support Services TBD
Suicide Prevention TBD
Summer and Winter Sessions TBD
Support Labs/Master Classrooms 2015 TBD
Support-Labs/Master Classrooms 2016 TBD
Surgery TBD
Sustainable Campus Fee TBD
TAF 97.50 Pool TBD
Teaching and Learning TBD
Tech Systems for Enrollment Serv TBD
Telecommunications TBD
Tennessee Stroke Registry TBD
Testing Services TBD
Ticket Office        TBD
Training Center TBD
Transfer Articulation TBD
Trio Outreach TBD
Turf Management TBD
Undergraduate Student Success TBD
University Advancement TBD
University Advisement TBD
University Career Services TBD
University Center Adm TBD
University Honors Program TBD
University Relations Advertis TBD
University School TBD
University School Athletics TBD
Valleybrook Operations TBD
Valleybrook Support Costs TBD
Veterans Affairs - Registrar TBD
Vice Pres for Health Affairs TBD
Vice President for Finance and Adm TBD
Vice Provost for Enrollment Serv TBD
Vice Provost for Res Spons Pgms TBD
Volunteer ETSU TBD
Womens Basketball    TBD
Womens Golf          TBD
Womens Resource Center TBD
Womens Soccer       TBD
Womens Softball     TBD
Womens Studies TBD
Womens Tennis        TBD
Womens Volleyball    TBD


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