MINUTES: Graduate Council –November 27, 2000 1:15 p.m., Meeting Room 6. D.P. Culp

MEMBERS PRESENT: Antkiewicz, Brown, Caton, Champney, Ellis, Green, Herrin, Honaker, Hoover, Lindahl, McIntosh, (Pike), Osborn, Pfeiffer, Smith
ABSENT: Alavi, Kasmai, Norris, Taylor, Scheuerman, Woodruff 
Guest: Stenstad
I. Minutes of 10/30/00 Meeting
Action taken by Council: Approved

II. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee – Ben Caton, spokesperson
    A. Applicants for new appointment:
        Ardell, Jeffrey, PhD, Professor in Pharmacology, recommended for Full.
        Haley, Darryl, PhD, Assistant Professor in English, recommended for Associate.
        Hurd, Mary, MA, Assistant Professor in English, recommended for  Interim (lack of terminal degree)
        McLean, James, PhD, Professor in Human Development and Learning, recommended for Full
    Sobol, Joseph, PhD., Associate Professor in Curriculum/Instruction, recommended for Associate.
Action by the Council: On a motion by Lindahl and second by Smith, new appointments were approved unanimously.

B. Applicants for reappointment:
    Hong, Don, PhD, Associate Professor in Math, recommended for Full.
    Trumbley, Sharon, MSN, Assistant Professor in Family/Community Nursing, recommended for Interim (lack of terminal degree.)
Action by the Council: On a motion by Lindahl and second by Smith, reappointments were approved unanimously.

III. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Wes Brown, spokesperson
    A. Ron Lindahl reviewed the substantive change in the Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) Curriculum, noting that low enrollment is a factor prompting the change in hours.
        1. A reduction of hours from 40 to 31 in the Ed.S. core, which is in keeping with other institutions.
        2. Revision of the Teacher Leadership concentration, based on new standards from the National Board and with a view toward creating master teachers: Includes the creation of four new courses:
            ELPA 6555 – Reflective Practice I
            ELPA 6556 – Reflective Practice II
           CUAI 5215/6215 – Documenting the Scholarship of Teaching I
           CUAI 5216/6216 – Documenting the Scholarship of Teaching II
    3. Discussion and revision:
        a. Lindahl and Brown will resolve the issue of whether these should be 5000, 6000 or dual level courses.
        b. Use of adjunct faculty: Lindahl explained that faculty must be board certified and that few exist. We are “growing our own.”
        c. TBR will probably look favorably on the reduction of hours from 40 to 31.
        d. The word required will be added to the Teaching and Learning Specialization block (total of 9 hours) for the Teacher Leadership Concentration.
        e. The Teacher Leadership Concentration will in all likelihood be a cohort.
        f. Lindahl will add hours from LMU and UTK to document that Tennessee schools were surveyed for the number of hours in the Ed.S. degree.

Action by the Council: On a motion by Green and second by Hoover, the proposal was approved, pending the revisions noted above.

B. Ron Lindahl reviewed the proposed changes in admissions criteria for the Ed.S. (see attached). Action by the Council: On a motion by Green and second by Osborn, the proposal was unanimously approved, pending the following revisions:
    1. Evaluation form will be revised to include Ed.S.
    2. Sections B and C, which interpret the results of the pilot test, will be revised.

C. Gail Stenstad reviewed the proposal for a new cross-listed course: BISC/PHIL 4917/5917

Action taken by the Council: On a motion by Hoover and second by Lindahl, the proposal was unanimously approved, pending the following revisions:
    1. Grading scale and letter grade designations will be adjusted for the graduate component.
    2. Expectations for graduate students will be identified.
    3. The Biology rubric will be changed from BISC to BIOL

D. Course Inventory Proposed Deletions: Wes Brown explained that 150 courses have been chosen by departments from the course inventory and these deletions have been approved by the appropriate academic dean.

Action by the Council: On a motion by Pfeiffer and second by Smith, the deletions were unanimously approved.
E. Editorial course changes: Steve Honaker distributed editorial course changes, including a change that was part of the Ed.S. curriculum revision.

F. 2001-2002 Catalog: Steve Honaker explained that the catalog copy that goes out to departments on December 1, 2000, will look different this year. He stressed the need for SACS compliance and noted that departments will have 3 ˝ weeks rather than six weeks to complete initial revisions, edits, etc.

IV. New Business:
    A. Need for a December meeting: A Biology Curriculum proposal is now before the Teacher Education Council, and the department hopes it can be reviewed by Graduate Council in December. It was noted that 4xx7/5xx7 courses should come to the Graduate Council before going to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Proposed meeting date December 11, 2000.

    B. Need for a Replacement for Lee Pike: Lee Pike will be on non-instructional assignment for Spring 2001 semester. The Curriculum Sub-Committee will select a chair from the remaining members. Brown invited a volunteer to sit on the Sub-Committee in Pike’s stead.

    C. Graduate School Assessment: Brown reviewed his plan to conduct an assessment of the Graduate School. Champney, Herrin and Pfeiffer will draft an assessment instrument.

    D. Graduate Instruction Forum: Champney announced that a forum on graduate instruction will be held on Wednesday, November 29, sponsored by the Teaching and Learning Center.

    E. President’s Council Retreat: One item on the agenda of the President’s Council Retreat is implications of the new Carnegie rating for the University. Brown solicited ideas/conversation from Council members regarding implications of the new rating for the Graduate School.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:15.
APPROVED: Signature on file
Scott Champney, Chair