MINUTES: Graduate Council – April 26, 2004, 1:15 p.m., Meeting Room 3,  DP Culp Center

ATTENDEES: Barrett, Brown, Powers-Beck, Champney, Dixon, Pointer, Ellis, Hoover, Music, Pike, Tedesco, Scheuerman, Taylor


ABSENT: Davis, Thompson, Bitter, Marrs, Whitson, Woodruff

GUESTS: Flowers, Maier

I.  Approval of Minutes – March 29, 2004


Action Taken by Council:      Approved.


II. Graduate Faculty Sub-Committee – Wally Dixon, Chair


A.        Re-Appointments:

1.        Dr. Hal Knight, College of Education

Full Membership Expired 033


Dr. Knight’s reappointment to graduate faculty application was revisited by the Council as to the recommended level of membership. Dr. Dixon explained the concept behind allocating levels of membership explaining specific guidelines in the application package.  He further solicited input and recommendations from Council members as to how and what the sub-committee should be looking at in their attempts to revise and/or redefine the graduate faculty guidelines for appointment to the ETSU Graduate Faculty. Several ideas were discussed such as the possibility of just having one level of membership and letting the sub-committee delegate the number of year’s membership based upon the application package content.  The possibility of sending back application packages that do not contain comments from the coordinator, chair, and dean of the college/department was also discussed.  It was the consensus of the Council that there needs to be more clarification of the guidelines.


Action Taken by Council:      Dr. Knight was reappointed to Full Membership on the ETSU Graduate Faculty.



III. Curriculum Sub-Committee – Lee Pike, Chair


A. College of Business & Technology, Computer & Information


      a. Establish a Graduate Certificate in E-Business with

               18 credit hours, and five planned new courses.


            b. Establishment of four new courses:

1. CSCI 5011 Internet Technology I, 3 credit hours

2. CSCI 5012 Internet Technology II, 3 credit hours

3. CSCI 4017/5017 Introduction to Information

   Assurance, 3 credit hours


4. CSCI 4027/5027 Information Management, three

   credit hours.


             c. The final new course has not yet been presented for



B. College of Public & Allied Health, Public Health

a. Establish a Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology

   15 credit hours, 3 new courses:

      1. PUBH 5030 Overview of Public Health, 3 credit


      2. PUBH 5405 Epidemiology II, 3 credit hours

3. PUBH 5410 Statistical Software for the Health

   Professions, 3 credit hours


            This program will migrate toward 100% on-line program    

in addition, the proposal fits with consortium plans.


b. Establish an Epidemiology Concentration in the MPH degree in Public Health, 45 credit hours, 4 new courses, 5350, 5420, 5430, 5450; plus 2 created for certificate program, 5405, 5410; Thesis or field experience, will fit current accreditation standards.


            c. Establishment of four new courses:


1.    PUBH 5350 Biostatistics II, 3 CH

2.    PUBH 5420 Epidemiology of Chronic Disease, 3 CH

3.    PUBH 5430 Epidemiology of Infectious Disease, 3

4.    PUBH 5450 Environmental/ Occupational Epidemiology, 3 Ch


d. The department will submit editorial change proposals to change Biostatistics to PUBH 5310 Biostatistics I and PUBH 5400 Epidemiology to Epidemiology I


 IV. Old Business


      A.  Dr. Brown extended sincere thanks to the entire Graduate

    Council membership, especially those members that served as

    chair or members on respective graduate council



B.        Dr. Champney asked Dr. Brown about the specific role of each

Assistant Dean in the School of Graduate Studies now that

the graduate office would have two assistant deans. Dr. Brown  

explained that he has planned two one-half day retreats with

Drs. Herrin, Powers-Beck, and McIntosh in May to look at

functions, responsibilities and role each assistant dean

would have in the Graduate School.


  V.   Adjournment


       The meeting was adjourned at 2:15 p.m.





Scott Champney, Chair