Teaching Award


The Distinguished Faculty Award in Teaching was presented to Dr. Patrick Brown, assistant professor of health sciences in the ETSU College of Public Health.

Brown is a cum laude graduate of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and received his Ph.D. in cellular biology from the University of Georgia.

Prior to joining the ETSU faculty in 2011, he taught at King College for four years and also served as a research assistant professor at the University of South Carolina’s Belle W. Baruch Institute for Marine and Coastal Science.

Brown has gained national recognition for his work with the POGIL (Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) method of instruction.  He recently completed his second term as the southeast regional coordinator for The POGIL Project, and is also a member of the National Science Teachers Association and the Human Anatomy and Physiology Society.

One nominator described Brown as “a teacher of students, and a student of teaching.”

“Dr. Brown is a very strong advocate for POGIL and has been an innovator in the incorporation of POGIL principles into the classroom,” the nominator explained.  “He is the first educator to ever publish a POGIL-based approach to improve the instruction of anatomy and physiology, and is currently the most prolific POGIL author in the field of anatomy and physiology.”

A colleague in the Department of Health Sciences wrote that “Patrick exemplifies the phrase ‘outstanding teacher,’ treats classroom teaching with a passion, maintains a high level of academic excellence, is well-liked by his students, and is constantly working on developing his classroom craft.  I specifically chose the word ‘craft’ to emphasize the way Patrick develops his classroom skill in a way reminiscent of a master craftsman or artist.”

In support of Brown’s nomination, a former student wrote, “Dr. Brown comes to class with such enthusiasm and a positive attitude and engages with his students during the entire lecture.  He is always available for questions or friendly conversation, making each and every student feel important. He provides an environment that is extremely conducive to learning and presents information in a way that is both fun and educational.”

Another former student added, “As an underclassman, ‘Anatomy and Physiology’ was one of those daunting classes that I dreaded taking.  Now, in hindsight, it is a class I wish I could retake, not because of a bad grade, but because it was a class that I learned to enjoy – much to the credit of Dr. Brown.  Because of his energy and enthusiasm, Dr. Brown was able to transform me, a sleep-deprived college student, into someone who looked forward to class.  His variety of teaching methods allowed me to retain information rather than memorize it the night before a test.”

Earlier this summer, Brown’s first book, Anatomy and Physiology: A Guided Inquiry, was published by John Wiley and Sons.

A student in the ETSU College of Nursing wrote, “All in all, Dr. Brown provides more to education than anyone could have asked for.  He does not simply go through the motions, but produces vast, sincere, genuine effort and contributions.  This professor jumps off the stage and makes a statement.  He not only encourages us to do the best that we can do educational-wise, but to be the best we can as individuals.”





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