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School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

East Tennessee State University

Vision, Mission, and Goals



To build human capital through education.


To enrich and expand the types of educational opportunities that ETSU offers and the types of clientele served by the university.


  • Encourage the pursuit of lifelong learning by delivering higher education in different ways to meet the needs of a complex and highly technological society and an increasingly non-traditional student population.

  • Serve and support a diverse population that includes more women and minorities and also more part-time students, older students, first-generation students, disadvantaged students, and others with specialized needs for continuing education and professional development.

  • Use resources more effectively by placing greater emphasis on sharing resources and costs to make services more efficient, while responding appropriately to the needs of students and other clients.

  • Design scheduling patterns and use technology to deliver instruction at times and places convenient for students and other clients. Research, develop, test, and deploy appropriate new technology to better serve faculty and students at all locations.

  • Better serve students and other clients through clear goals, specified measures of accountability, assessment standards that are agreed upon in advance, and a clear and consistent focus on substantive results.

  • Form business and community partnerships to ensure that students and participants are prepared with the skills that business and the community will need for the future.

  • Focus more attention on work force development, job creation, and job retention by providing leadership in economic development.

  • Enhance the university's level of community and cultural involvement in our region.

Continuing Studies
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