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School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

East Tennessee State University

Program & Events

Geoffrey Dyson Award & Keynote:

Professor Dr. Drew Harrison is a Senior Lecturer and former Head of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Sciences at the University of Limerick in Irelandwhere he established and co-directs the Biomechanics Research Unit. He initially qualified in physical education and has completed MSc and PhD degrees by research thesis on the biomechanics of motor development. His major research interests are on biomechanics related to training for sprinting and jumping activities and the application of functional data analysis in biomechanics. Professor Harrison is a former Secretary General and currently serving as a Past-President of the ISBS and was co-chair of the ISBS Conference in Limerick (2009). He currently supervises 6 PhD and 2 MSc research students and has supervised 10 PhD and 10 MSc completions in biomechanics research. He has also externally examined more than 12 PhD theses in various countries including Ireland, UK, Australia and Italy. He has published widely in peer reviewed journals and he is a member of the editorial board of 'Sports Biomechanics. He is an IAAF Elite Athletics Coach and has personally coached over 80 national champions and many athletes to senior major championship competitions including, European, World and Olympic Games.

Drew Harrison


Keynote speakers:

Dr. Jens Bojsen-Mller is a professor in Biomechanics at the Department of Physical Performance, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Norway. He is a former Olympic athlete and has previously worked with the Danish Olympic Sailing team and the Danish federation for elite sports (Team Danmark). His research has focused on the mechanical function of the muscle tendon unit and adaptation to loading. He has published more than 30 international peer-reviewed research articles and text-book chapters along with more than 50 conference abstracts at international science meetings.

 Jens Bojsen-Moller

Associate Professor Angus Burnett is currently employed at the ASPETAR, Qatar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital, Doha, Qatar. In the areas of sports and spinal biomechanics, injury and pain he has published approximately 80 peer reviewed journal articles. Associate Professor Burnett was the Chair of the Scientific Committee for the ISBS Conference held in Melbourne in 2012 and has also served as an Associate Editor for Sports Biomechanics from 2011-2013. He also has a practical background having coached elite junior track and field athletes and having been a Sports Biomechanist at the Western Australian Institute of Sport.

 Angus Burnett

Dr. Fukashiro is currently a Professor of Biomechanics at the University of Tokyo, Japan. He received his Ph.D. in Biomechanics from the University of Tokyo in 1993. His major areas of teaching and research include sport biomechanics, specifically in the behavior of muscle-tendon complex during human movements. Dr. Fukashiro has contributed over 60 refereed articles on sport biomechanics with application in the three-dimensional motion analyses, and computer simulation. He is the Head of Executive Council of the Japanese Society of Biomechanics. He was also the Excecutive Council of ISB from 1999 to 2006, and currently serves as Director of ISBS.


 Dr. Jeni McNeal is a Professor in Exercise Science at Eastern Washington University. She is the Lead Strength and Conditioning Consultant for U.S.A. Diving, conducting research, training, and performance testing, as well as providing coaches' education. She has worked with USA Diving for 12 years and 3 Olympiads. Dr. McNeal also serves as the vice-chair of research for the U.S. Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics. Her primary research focus is on performance aspects of acrobatic sports including stretching, strength and power, growth and development, and biomechanics. She has published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings on these topics.

 Jeni McNeal

Professor Dr. Hermann Schwameder is currently serving as a Deputy Head of the Department of Sport Science and Kinesiology at University of Salzburg. His research focus is applied sports biomechanics, modeling, sports equipment, mountaineering, ski jumping, and cycling. He has been ISBS member since 1998, served as Director since 2001, President of ISBS 2005-2007, Awards committee member, Vice president public relations 2008-2010, and Vice president of conferences since 2011. Professor Schwameder was ISBS conference host in Salzburg (2006) and received ISBS Fellowship (2009). He is member of the Executive Editorial Board of 'Sports Biomechanics'.

 Herman Schwameder

Dr. Bing Yu is a professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC, USA. He Received his PhD in Biomechanics/Exercise Science from The University of Iowa (1993), and completed his post doctoral training at Mayo Clinic (1996). He Has 90 peer reviewed research publications and 4 book chapters. Dr. Yu has been an active in ISBS since 1997 and delivered a keynote lecture at ISBS annual meeting (1999), and served as a Director of ISBS (1999-2001, 2009 2011, 2011 - 2013). He is also a biomechanist in charge of Biomechanics Service Program for Discus and Javelin Throws in USA Track & Field.

 Bing Yu


Applied Session:

*Golf Biomechanics (injury mechanism in low back and training strategies)

Dr. Craig Wassinger (Modulator) is an Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy at East Tennessee State University. He received his PhD in Sports Medicine from the University of Pittsburgh (2007) and completed his post-doctoral training at the University of Otago in New Zealand (2009). He has over 40 peer reviewed publication and presentations. His biomechanical research has mainly focused on shoulder injury and assessment in upper extremity athletes including throwers and kayakers.


Dr. Barry Dale (University of Tennessee Chattanooga Physical Therapy) is a research-trained physical therapist with experience studying lumbar stress associated with the golf swing. A practicing physical therapist for 20 years, he holds clinical specialties in the areas of Orthopedics and Sports, and is also certified as an Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has served as a university faculty member for 12 years, and his other research interests include topics related to exercise physiology and biomechanical gait analysis.


Mr. George Beckham is a Doctoral Fellow at East Tennessee State University in the Sport Physiology and Performance Doctoral program. He finished his master's degree in Exercise Physiology and Performance in 2012, his thesis focusing on performance of the conventional deadlift in powerlifters. His dissertation research centers on the use of accelerometry for evaluation and monitoring of weightlifters. His other research interests include squat performance with various footwear, weightlifting exercise variations, and explosive strength performance. He was won a number of awards, including Outstanding Thesis in the Sciences from ETSU Graduate Studies and Outstanding Graduate Student from the College of Education. He has worked with a variety of sports since 2006, including golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, American football, and track and field.



*Cycling Biomechanics (Fitting and Performance)

Dr. Duane A. Williams (Modualtor) is a professor and founding chair in the Department of Physical Therapy at ETSU where he teaches biomechanics, musculoskeletal evaluation and management, basic electroneuromyography , and wellness. He has been a physical therapist for 44 years and has been riding bicycles for 62 years. He has competed in road races and triathlons. He received his DSc in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, Provo, Utah; his post-graduate master's thesis at the University of Iowa with an emphasis in orthopaedic biomechanics, and his B.S. and Certificate of Physical Therapy at Kansas University.


Mr. Erik Moen is the owner of BikePT and Corpore Sano PT in Kenmore WA. BikePT is a continuing education resource for bicycle related topics for the healthcare professional. Erik's clinical practice is primarily for the endurance athlete and specifically clinical bike fitting and management of overuse injuries. Erik graduated from the University of Washington Physical Therapy program and completed undergraduate work at Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in biological research. Erik holds membership in APTA, USA Cycling, NSCA and NASS. Erik currently spends his spare time with USA and UCI Paracycling as an athlete Classifier.


Dr. Thomas Wilkinson is a graduate of the Doctorate of Physical Therapy program at ETSU. He is currently working at Peak Performance Physical Therapy in Redmond Oregon USA. He has raced mountain bikes competitively since 2005, recording numerous top 10 finishes at the Collegiate Mountain Bike National Championships. His most notable finish is 1st place in Dual Slalom at the 2011 United States Mountain Bike National Championships.



*Cadaver dissection (upper and lower extremities)

Dr. Thomas Kwasigroch is a professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences in ETSU Quillen College of Medicine. He is also an associate Dean for Student affairs and director of Human anatomy. He has been tenured at ETSU College of Medicine since 1976, served in multiple University appointments. His anatomy laboratory has been recognized numerous times for its active learning environment with superior technology.


Mr. Brian Johnston, assistant athletic director of sports medicine for ETSU athletics. He is an adjunct faculty for the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences at ETSU. He is responsible for all ETSU athletic teams. Mr. Johnston serves as the primary athletic trainer for baseball, while overseeing all functions of BucSports Athletic Medicine Center. He also has responsibilities for men's soccer, women's soccer, track and field, cross country, men's golf, and women's golf. He is planning to complete his Ph.D in May of 2014.



*Prosthetic sprinting

Prof. Wolfgang Potthast has undergraduate degrees in Physics and Sport Sciences from the University of Cologne and the German Sport University. He received his PhD in 2005. From 2010 to 2012 Prof. Potthast held a professorship for Movement Science and Biomechanics at the Department of Sport and Sport Sciences at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). In 2012 Wolfgang accepted the position of professor in Clinical Biomechanics at the German Sport University Cologne. His major research focus is the interaction between the musculo-skeletal system and technology in sports and clinically relevant research questions. He received the New Investigator Award of the ISBS in 2005 and works as Vice President for Public Relations since 2010 for the ISBS.


Dr. Hiroaki Hobara is a research scientist at the Digital Human Research Center, National Institute of Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Tokyo, Japan. He received his PhD in Human Sciences from Waseda University (2008), and completed his post-doctoral training at National Rehabilitation Center for Persons with Disabilities and University of Maryland, College Park, MD, US. Dr. Hobara also received Promising Young Scientist Award from International Society of Biomechanics (ISB) in 2013. His research focus is jump and running mechanics, amputee locomotion, and prosthetic sprinting. He has published over 20 articles as a first author in peer-reviewed journals on these topics.


Dr. Gerda Strutzenberger is currently a Research Officer on a FIFA funded Turf Project based at the Cardiff School of Sport, Sports Biomechanics Research Group (Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK). Her research rests at the interface between the human and technology, using biomechanical theories to increase understanding of sport performance, exercise and health. Examples of her research include amputee sprinting, cycling and football turf as well as clinical biomechanics (ACL-injury, kinesio-taping, obesity). Dr. Strutzenberger won the ISBS Hans-Gros New Investigator Award (2012), and has been active member since 2006 in roles such as conference organizer committee, director, and student mentor program manager.




Professor Gareth Irwin (Modulator) is the Head of Sports Biomechanics at the Cardiff School of Sport, Cardiff Metropolitan University. Gareth has two main research interest, coaching biomechanics interface and Sports Medicine and Injury. As a former International Gymnast and National Coach his research is informed by a rich experiential background. Gareth is a Fellow and former Vice President of the International Society of Biomechanics in Sport. He has over 130 peer-reviewed publications including book chapters, papers and conferences, and has delivered 30 National and International invited presentations. Gareth is also a consultant for the International Gymnastics Federation Science Commission.


Professor Patria Hume is a sport injury biomechanist and ISAK criterion anthropometrist. Patria's experience as a NZ international rhythmic gymnast, NZ coach and sport scientist provider for national sports since the 1980's allows her to help athletes improve their performance and reduce their injury risk. Patria's research on improving sport performance and reducing injury uses sports biomechanics, anthropometry, and sports epidemiology analyses. Patria has 300+ publications in peer-reviewed publications, and has supervised 31 PhD postgraduate students to completion. Patria is an editorial board member for journals Sports Medicine and Sports Biomechanics. Patria received an IOC diploma for contribution to gymnastics in 2001.


Professor Bill Sands is a professor in the Department of Exercise & Sport Science at ETSU. He has over 40 years of experience in Olympic sports. Director of Research and Development for USA Gymnastics, Scientific Committee of the International Gymnastics Federation, and Chair of the United States Elite Coaches Association for Women's Gymnastics. He has written 17 books, received over $ million in grants and contracts, and published over 200 articles on sport performance. He was also a World Championship coach in gymnastics and produced several Olympians, more than a dozen national team members, and several World Championship Team members.


Dr. Toshiyuki Fujihara is an assistant professor in sport biomechanics and the director of men's artistic gymnastics team at Osaka University of Health and Sport Sciences, Japan. He received his PhD from University of Alberta, studying biomechanics of pommel horse exercises. When he was in Canada, he was awarded the Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship for his academic and scholarly achievement, while he was recognized as one of the age-group national coaches in gymnastics Canada. He was the recipient of the NIA 2nd place (poster) in 2011 ISBS and the NIA 2nd place (oral) in 2013 ISBS.




Professor Michael Stone is currently the Exercise and Sports Science Laboratory Director in the Department of Exercise & Sport Science at ETSU. Prior to joining ETSU he was the Head of Sports Physiology for the USOC. He has 140+ publications in reviewed journals and has contributed chapters to several texts in the areas of bioenergetics, nutrition, and strength/power training. Additionally, he has co-authored two textbooks dealing with strength and conditioning. He has coached several international and national level weightlifters (including one Olympian) and throwers in both the United States and Great Britain.


Dr. Satoshi Mizuguchi is an assistant professor in the Department of Exercise and Sport Science. He was the first to graduate from the ETSU doctoral program in Sport Physiology and Performance in 2012. He has been actively involved in strength and conditioning and sport science and has worked with numerous collegiate sports including soccer, volleyball, softball, football, tennis, golf, gymnastics, and basketball among others. His research interests include athletes' performance monitoring using vertical jumping, development of strength and explosiveness, measurement and monitoring of total training volume, and weightlifting performance.



Scientific Sessions (Oral & Poster): TBA


Social Events:

A: Tour of Biltmore and Winery

B: Roan Mountain Hiking

C: Shopping and visit local breweries in Asheville

D: Tour of Bristol Motor Speedway & Abingdon Winery


Conference Schedule:

Pre-conference ($75 separate from ISBS registration fee)

Tentative Schedule:

9:30-10:00am: Registration

10:10-11:00am: Coach Meg Stone: Introducing CECCSE to connect academia & collegiate athletics

11:10-12:00pm: Prof. Dr. Mike Stone: Athlete monitoring for collegiate athletics

12:15-1:00pm: Lunch (provided)

1:10-2:00pm: SPEC staff: Hands-on experience on SPEC tests

2:10-3:00pm: Dr. Mizuguchi: Data report to coaches

3:00-3:30pm: Open discussion

ETSU Department of Exercise & Sport Science (EXSS) partners with Center of Excellence for Sport Science & Coach Education (CESSCE) and designated Olympic Training Site (OTS). CESSCE supports a focus on research, education, and service intended to provide a distinctive national model and leadership in sport performance and coach education. We currently houses over 25 PhD students and 25 MA students who are all assigned to work with ETSU athletic teams to serve as strength & conditioning coaches and/or sport scientists.

In this pre-conference, we would like to introduce our connection to collegiate athletics and how we operate as sport scientists. In morning session, we introduce how CESSCE was initially developed to work with ETSU sport coaches, and how we monitor athletes on daily basis. In afternoon session we will provide hands-on testing in our sport science lab and introduce how we report test data back to sport coaches.


Coach Meg Stone: a two-time Olympian (80' & 84'), competed in track and field for the University of Arizona and still holds the NCAA collegiate records for shot put (18.99 m) and discus throw (67.48 m). She was a FIRST female head strength & conditioning coach for Division I athletics (University of Arizona). She currently serves as a director of CESSCE, OTS, and ETSU strength & conditioning.

Prof. Dr. Mike Stone: a renowned sport science researcher, who published over 150+ peer-reviewed papers and has contributed chapters to several textbooks in the areas of bioenergetics, nutrition, and strength/power training. Prior to joining ETSU, he was the head of Sports Physiology for the USOC, and a chair of sport at Edinburgh University, Scotland. He currently serves as a PhD coordinator and sport science lab coordinator for ETSU Department of EXSS.

Dr. Satoshi Mizuguchi: a weightlifting coach for ETSU designated OTS. He currently serves as a MA coordinator for ETSU Department of EXSS.

SPEC Staff: Current PhD students who serve as strength & conditioning coaches and/or sport scientists for ETSU athletics.


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