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ETSU at Kingsport

School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

ETSU at Kingsport

ETSU at Kingsport provides two campuses for the community.








Our Allandale campus is located near the Allandale Mansion at 1501 University Boulevard; it houses many general education courses for our students. 




ETSU at Kingsport Downtown is located within the Academic Village at 300 W Market St; it offers upper division & graduate courses for various academic majors.

 Revised Inclement Weather Policy for Students Attending On ground classes in Kingsport

Effective: 11/13/18
Faculty who teach classes where students attend in Kingsport and students who are enrolled in a Kingsport class will follow the inclement weather alert from Northeast State Community College due to ETSU at Kingsport having two locations (one of which is in the Kingsport Higher Education Center/KCHE. Schools leasing space in this facility follow Northeast State's inclement weather policy). Please sign up for both (in other words, if Northeast State is closed or on a delay, so are ETSU at Kingsport Allandale and Downtown. If ETSU is closed or on a delay, so are ETSU at Kingsport Allandale and Downtown). Please don't hesitate to contact the Allandale campus at 392-8000 or  or  when/if you have questions.

Campus Alert System – Please sign up for BOTH.
Inclement weather or closure
-When Northeast State is closed, ETSU at Kingsport Allandale and Downtown Classes do not meet (you will not receive an ETSU alert).
-When ETSU is closed, ETSU at Kingsport Allandale and Downtown classes will not meet (you will receive an alert from ETSU).

Northeast State: Everyone is asked to sign up for the Campus Alert System via the Northeast State homepage.  Go to; scroll to the bottom of the page, click on NeSCC Alert, then Register and follow prompts. You will receive news of campus closings, cancellations, and emergency information.

ETSU: Register for GoldAlert at GoldAlert sends important  information to your cell phone and email account in the event of an emergency or university closure. If ETSU JC Campus closes, all locations are closed. Inclement weather or emergency situations may warrant closure of a Kingsport location. In this event, you will be notified and we ask that faculty assist with notifying your students via email/D2L-another reason to encourage students to check D2L daily.

Possible scenarios:
You are enrolled in an ITV class at Kingsport Allandale and Northeast State closes or is on a delay. You will not come to class if closed at Allandale or Downtown. You will follow the delay for Northeast State times. It is my understanding that your classes are recorded.
You are enrolled in class(es) at Kingsport Allandale and/or Downtown and Johnson City campus. If Northeast State is closed and ETSU is not, you do not come to class in Kingsport; however, you attend in JC (you are advised to avoid undue risks in traveling).
You are enrolled in a class at Kingsport Allandale and you are a high school dual enrollment student: If Northeast State is closed, you do not come to Allandale or Downtown campus. If ETSU is closed, you do not come to Allandale or Downtown campus.

Faculty, students, and staff are advised to avoid undue risks in traveling.

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