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Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

Applied Theatre Pedagogy

 The graduate concentration in Applied Theatre Pedagogy within the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies gives students the opportunity to explore  unique approaches to learning.

Barter Theatre's Project REAL, created and directed by Megan Atkinson, places teaching artists in schools around the region to assist teachers in engaging their students with the curriculum.

Project REAL's teaching artists assist educators by utilizing theatre techniques and integrating the student's life experiences into the curriculum. This process helps provide lasting knowledge through a transformative educational program that measurably improves learning and allows students to take responsibility for their own education and shape their communities now and in the future.

 MALS Applied Theatre Pedagogy Concentration  Curriculum

 MALS Core Courses

(except for MALS 5000, as noted, each course 3 credits; 13 credits)

 MALS 5000: Foundations in Liberal Studies (1 credit)
MALS 5100: Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies
MALS 5200: Seminar in Liberal Studies.
MALS 5400: Seminar in Interdisciplinary Research
MALS 5960: Thesis Research or
MALS 5950:  Project Research

 Concentration Core
(each course below is 3 credits;12 credits)
REAL 5100: Applied Theatre: Foundations in REAL Pedagogy
REAL 5200: Kinesthetic Learning
REAL 5300: Heart Intelligence: Learning Through Emotions
REAL 5400: The Art of the Lesson


 Applied Theatre Pedagogy Guided Electives (6-9 credits)

Students who select the thesis option will choose two (2) courses (6 credits) from the list below, while those who select the project option will choose three (3) courses (9 credits) from the list below of 3 credit courses.

 EDFN 5050: Social and Political Influences on Schools (online)

EDFN 5010: Interdisciplinary Seminar (when topic relevant) (online)

PSYC 5620: Topical Seminar in Social Psychology (when topic relevant)

PSCY 5630: Topical Seminar in Cognitive Psychology

SOCI 5337: Symbolic Interaction and Social Identities

STOR 5850: Story Performance

STOR 5840:  Story Dramatization

STOR 5140:  Foundations of Storytelling Performance

THEA 5957:  Special Topics (when topic relevant)




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