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The Master of Professional Studies

School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

Project Guidelines
Each student is required to submit a project proposal the semester before he/she plans to enroll in the PRST 5998: Culminating Project course.

The project proposal should answer the following questions:

1. Identify the topic of your Professional Project and explain the purpose of the project. What are the research questions you are trying to answer or the problems you are trying to address through your project?

2. Explain the reasoning process by which you selected the topic. Why did you select this topic for your project?

3. Explain how the topic of your Professional Project is related to your MPS Program of Study, including an explanation of how the project makes use of the knowledge you gained from your MPS courses. The Professional Project should be the logical culmination of what you have studied in the MPS program.

Due dates for the proposal are listed in the table below:

Semester of Enrollment Proposal Due Date


July 15


November 1


April 1
After the proposal is receive, a meeting will be scheduled with MPS faculty/staff to refine the project.

Projects consist of three elements:

1. A literature review that informs the project.
2. The project itself.
3. A presentation of the project. This presentation is the only element of the program that requires students to come to campus.

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