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Renaissance Child

School of Continuing Studies and Academic Outreach

Renaissance Child

 Summer 2018 Renaissance Child Camp Information:

Cost is $185.00 per week ETSU Employees and Students are eligible for a $15.00 per week discount.

Cannot apply both student and employee discounts.

Weather premitting we will go swimming most days.

Discoverers Camp = Post Kindergarten, First and Second grades ( 5, 6 or 7 years old )

Explorers Camp = Entering Third and Fourth grade ( 8, 9 or 10 years old )

Adventurers Camp = Entering Fifth and Sixth grade ( 11 or 12 years old )

Click here for registration or for more camp details! 

Session One: The Renaissance Child Space Week (Field Trip to Bays Mountain Planetarium)

Date: June 4- 8, 2018

Discoverers Camp

From the Earth, to the Moon and Beyond! Discovering our Universe

What makes up our solar system? How far away is the sun? How did the constellations get their names? Answering these questions and many more will be the challenge for our Discoverers this week. Becoming junior astronomers as they take part in activities at the ETSU Planetarium and Observatory, they will design straw rockets and develop their own rocket fuel to launch a fizzy rocket. Other hands-on projects include making a human sun dial and exploding moon rocks. The Discoverers will get their creative juices flowing as they imagine what it would be like to travel in space, writing a story about their adventure in the computer lab. Making a diagram of the solar system and other space themed art projects will round out their creative arts activities. It will be an exciting, out of this world experience!

Explorers Camp

Three, Two, One Blast Off! Exploring the Outer Limits

Participants in the Explorers Camp will become rocket scientists for the week, making straw rockets and stomp rockets and creating the perfect chemical reaction to launch a bottle rocket. They will visit the ETSU Planetarium and the Observatory for hands-on activities. Using their active imaginations, campers will design their own constellations and devise their own myths to go with them. After research in the computer lab, they will construct a model of our solar system. Explorers will take part in exciting cross curricular art activities and a variety of crazy science experiments as well. Rockets will fly, things will explode, and eggs will be launched. Yes, it really is rocket science!

Adventurers Camp

An Experience in Aerospace Engineering

The Adventurers will experiment with kites, gliders, and paper airplanes to explore the laws of motion and the basic physics of flight. Using their knowledge of aerodynamics, the campers will build and launch their own hydro-rockets. The Adventurers will visit the ETSU Planetarium and the Harry D. Powell Astronomical Observatory for hands-on activities. Campers will find themselves stuck on a planet in a far off galaxy, and will work as a team to develop a survival plan and build a “space station” using the computer lab for research. Space-themed art projects will also allow their imaginations to soar.


Session Two: STREAM (Science Technology Reading Engineering & Arts Math) (Field Trip to Warriors Path State Park)

Date: June 11–15, 2018 

Discoverers Camp

STREAM, a Kaleidoscope of Fun

Welcome to the Renaissance Camp’s Crazy Mad Scientists’ Lab! Campers will develop their own formulas to create some safe chemical reactions. They will try their hand at robotics when they make noodle doodle bots and bristle bots. Making circuits from electrified play-dough is one of the most popular science projects during this camp week. Creating items from clay, papier maché, and other mediums allows campers to express their artistic side. Since art tells a story, the campers will write poems and stories to go along with their masterpieces, making a book of their work in the computer lab. This camp truly is a kaleidoscope of ever changing activities, and it’s all learning in the guise of fun!

Explorers Camp

STREAM, a Mixed Bag of Tricks!

Scientists, artists, writers, engineers, and wizards at the computer—that’s who our Explorers are! Using the scientific method of investigation, they will participate in a variety of experiments and research in the computer lab. The Explorers will use tooth brushes and motors to build and race their own bristle bot. They will develop a formula for bouncy, stretchy polymers. Challenged to put on their engineer hats, campers will design a theme park from recycled materials. Expressing their creative side, they will take part in projects using different art mediums and styles. This will be an exciting week of diverse activity, a mixed bag for sure!

Adventurers Camp

A Mosaic of STREAM Activities

Using their knowledge and creativity, the Adventurers will design a weight bearing table and geodesic dome made from newspapers. They will take a little adventure into the world of robotics when they make “Bristle Bots” from scrub brushes and simple motors. The campers will use the scientific method of investigation to develop their own experiments. Using different art mediums and styles, the Adventurers will express their creative side with interesting art projects. Many pieces will make up this Renaissance Camp mosaic, and it will be a unique and exciting experience for all!


Session Three: Imagination Station (Field trip to Barter Theatre)

Date: June 18 – 22, 2018

Discovereers Camp

Imagination Station’s Dream Weavers

This camp is the place to let your imagination run wild and dream big dreams. Exploring creative drama techniques that will stretch their imaginations, campers will have the opportunity to take part in a story theater production. Taking part in a variety of art projects will allow them to express their creative side. It takes a big dreamer to become a scientist, so the Discoverers will take part in some oozey goozey and crazy chemistry fun. The campers will also have the opportunity to write their own stories in the computer lab, and the week will culminate with the Renaissance Camp’s Imagination Station Extravaganza on the last day of camp.

Explorers Camp

Imagination Station’s Terrific Tale Spinners

Developing creative drama techniques which will stretch their imaginations the Explorers will work together to spin a fractured fairy tale which will be presented at the Imagination Station Extravaganza. The campers will use their terrific problem solving skills to design a raft for the Gruff brothers to escape the troll and make strong houses for some pigs! They will help to design sets and costumes and other art projects as well. The campers will take part in a variety of fun science experiments, developing formulas for some polymers; they might even grow a super absorbent alligator!

Adventurers Camp

Imagination Station’s Super Stars

The Adventurers will adapt a familiar book, play, or movie while exploring some basic acting techniques, stage direction, and vocal projection. The campers will help to design and make sets and costumes for the extravaganza to be presented on the last day of camp. The Adventurers will employ organization and planning skills for the giant task ahead.


Session Four: Construction Zone: A different twist on an all-time favorite camp!

Date: June 25 – 29, 2018

Discoverers Camp

Junior Engineer Camp

Grab your hard hats—you’re entering a construction zone. Move over Bob the Builder, the Renaissance Junior Engineers are in the house! Our Junior Engineers will explore how things work while learning the basic laws of physics and engineering. They will make toy cars, a race track and a boat that floats. The Discoverers will design and build their own contraptions, gizmos, and gadgets from recycled materials. They will also participate in a variety of art projects, decorating their designs. The week will culminate with the annual Renaissance Kids Trade Show, where the campers will display their creations.

Explorers Camp

Engineering Exploration Camp

Engineering Exploration Campers will construct simple machines to explore the fundamental concepts of energy, force, friction, and other basic laws of physics. They will make rubber band cars and devise a way for them to be the fastest in the race! The Explorers’ final challenge will be to research, design, and build the prototype of a machine using recycled materials. Campers will display their creations at the annual Renaissance Kids Trade Show at the end of the week.

Adventurers Camp

Master Engineer Camp

The Adventurers will use the engineering design process (Brainstorm, Design, Build, Test, Redesign) to meet daily design challenges. They will explore basic laws of physics while building bridges, air powered dragsters, and simple machines. The campers’ final challenge will be to design and build a compound machine which utilizes at least two simple machines. The annual Renaissance Kids Trade Show at the end of the week allows campers display their creations.


Session Five: Summer Camp Break

Date: July 2 – 6, 2018


Session Six: Kitchestry Camp

Date: July 9- 13, 2018

Please register early! Space is limited and this popular camp fills up fast.

Discoverers Camp

Kool Kitchen Wizards

The Discoverers will be mixing up some bubbling potions using items found in a kitchen. They will make baking soda poppers, lemon batteries, plastic milk, magic cabbage juice, and much more. “Fungus fun” with yeast and making elephant’s toothpaste are highlights of the week, and a visit to the Foods Lab to make Renaissance Camp’s world famous pizza is always yummy! As they experiment, campers will discover the different states of matter and use their math skills when measuring ingredients. Discoverers will also have fun making their own snacks in their classroom each day.

Explorers Camp

Fabulous Food Scientists

Cooking is indeed a science. The Explorers will investigate how temperature, different ingredients, and methods affect the outcome of a recipe. Working together in their kitchen groups, the campers will plan and create a variety of tasty dishes. All of our campers will help make the world famous Renaissance Camp pizza from homemade yeast dough, so grab your chef’s hat and apron—the food will fabulous and all of the activities will be fun!

Adventurers Camp

Super Chefs

The Super Chefs will concentrate on different skill-building experiments to discover how temperature, different ingredients, and methods affect the outcome of a recipe. The Adventurers will also be introduced to the basic safety regulations which must be followed in commercial kitchens. They will work together in their kitchen groups to prepare a different dish each day. Budding chefs and lovers of tasty food are guaranteed to enjoy this camp!


Note: The emphasis will be on science experiments utilizing items found in a kitchen.

The Discoverers will do some food preparation in the dorm and will go to the Foods Lab once or maybe twice.

Note: Both the Explorers and Adventurers will cook in the Foods Lab each day. The dishes that are prepared will be similar for both groups and there won’t be any big cooking contest! Both groups will swim every day.


Session Seven: “POP” (Preserve Our Planet): Ecology Week (Field Trip to Roan Mountain State Park)

Date: July 16–20, 2018

Discoverers Camp

“POP Camp’s” Defender’s of Our Environment

The Discoverers will investigate what makes green plants green and how animals adapt to their environment as they study living things and the world around them. Using their imaginations to create great works of art from recycled materials, the campers will discover the importance of recycling and conservation. Visits to the computer lab will allow them to research and write about their world.

Explorers Camp

“POP”- Camp’s Junior Naturalists

Campers will explore the world’s biomes by selecting a biome to research and creating a model. Activities will demonstrate photosynthesis, chromatography, and other interesting topics about the natural world. Some camp highlights of POP Week include models of plant and animal cells, dissecting owl pellets, and collecting and testing water samples. The campers will practice recycling and conservation by utilizing recycled items in a variety of art projects.

Adventurers Camp

“POP” Camp’s Eco Warriors

The Eco Warriors will be challenged to develop a water filtration system and use the scientific method of investigation to test their results. Experiments with photosynthesis, chromatography, and other topics; creating microscope slides; and making cell models help campers learn more about the natural world. The Adventurers will research and develop ways to make our environment sustainable and ecologically sound and then write about their plans. Using their artistic skills as well as resource conservation, campers will create some up-cycled art projects.


Session Eight: Renaissance Child Earth Science Camp: Digging into Geology and More (Field trip to Emerald Village Mine in Spruce Pine, NC)

Date: July 23 – 27, 2018

Discoverers Camp

A Journey to the Center of the Earth

Exploring rocks, minerals, fossils, and much more, campers will become junior geologists as they discover what lies beneath the Earth’s surface. They will make a model of Earth and its three layers along with a variety of other arts and crafts projects, and then write about their own journeys in the computer lab. Volcanoes will be exploding, the ground will be quaking, quick sand shall be encountered, and there will even be some be tasty edible rocks to snack on!

Explorers Camp

Geology Rocks!

Explorers will have a rocking good time as they learn how igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are formed. They will learn why earthquakes occur and how sink holes and caves are formed. The Explorers will make geodes and a model of a volcano along with art and craft projects about the earth’s geological wonders and computer time for research. Participants will rock out as they explore Earth and its hidden treasures!

Adventurers Camp

Digging Deeper into Earth Science

Using the scientific method, the Adventurers will investigate how rocks change from igneous to metamorphic to sedimentary (the rock cycle). Working in teams, they will build structures that will withstand an earthquake. After researching and writing up their ideas in the computer lab, campers will develop a plan to re-route lava from a volcano and use their artistic skills to make models of land formations, caves, and sinkholes. Participants will have a rocking good time exploring Earth and its hidden treasures!


Session Nine: Renaissance Camp DaVinci’s Invention Convention

Date: July 30–Aug. 3, 2018

Discoverers Camp

Leonardo’s Little Inventors

Discoverers will start the week by making flying machines, parachutes, and catapults in the style of the great inventor Leonardo daVinci. They will also be introduced to some other inventors as they make their own oozey, goozey potions in our wild and crazy science lab! Leonardo’s Little Inventors will design and build their own wacky inventions using recycled materials. Their creations will be on display at the Invention Convention open house on Friday afternoon.

Explorers Camp

da Vinci’s Workshop

Welcome to da Vinci’s Workshop! The Explorers will discover the world of the original Renaissance man, Leonardo da Vinci, and create their own version of some of da Vinci’s inventions—self-propelled carts, catapults, flying machines, and perhaps an ornithopter! Campers will also design and create their own inventions using recycled items. All of their sketches and specifications will be recorded in their inventor’s journal, just as Leonardo did. The inventions will be on display at the Invention Convention Open House on Friday afternoon.


Adventurers Camp

Innovation Laboratory

Innovation Laboratory participants will face a daily design challenges to meet a specific problem. Working in teams, they will construct a weight-bearing chair from cardboard, an extreme kicking machine, and more. The campers will learn about some famous and not-so-famous inventors. After planning, designing, and building their own inventions, they will develop and budget marketing strategies. In the computer lab, they will draft an advertising campaign for their product and create a commercial. The grand finale of this exciting week in the Renaissance Innovation Laboratory will be the Invention Convention open house on Friday afternoon, where the exciting inventions will be on display.


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