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Ronald McNair Program

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Scholar Update Form

Requesting a Letter of Recommendation or a Fee Waiver from the McNair Program Staff

Upon successful completion of a Ronald McNair Internship, an intern is bestowed the title of "Scholar."  Scholars are entitled to specific incentives that are not available to other students.  The explanations below contain information about these incentives. 

Letters of Recommendation

The McNair staff will happily consider requests for letters of recommendation from former/current ETSU McNair Program Scholars. Scholars who wish to obtain a letter should contact the McNair staff in writing 30 days (preferably) prior to the date that the letter is needed. THE MCNAIR OFFICE STAFF WRITES RECOMMENDATIONS COLLABORATIVELY.  THIS MEANS THAT BOTH DR. DEFORD AND DR. HURLEY WORK TOGETHER TO COMPOSE YOUR LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION. THEREFORE, PLEASE ONLY EXPECT ONE LETTER DISCUSSING YOUR MCNAIR EXPERIENCE. 

Once requests are approved, you will be instructed to forward recommendation materials, including the appropriate forms, stamped envelopes, waivers, web link etc.  Please be aware that letters of recommendation will be accurate reflections of your entire program experience and if the staff has any concerns about providing a letter, you will be informed prior to the composition of the letter.

Please make every effort to make multiple requests all at one time.  This will ensure that your recommendations are handled efficiently and effectively. Please note that spring and summer semesters are extremely busy times for the program and you are encouraged to give the McNair office as much notice as possible when requesting recommendations.

Application Fee Waivers and Fellowships

McNair Scholars enjoy access to application fee waivers for a wide variety of graduate programs across the United States and to a lesser degree, access to McNair specific fellowships.  Scholars may obtain specific information regarding which institutions honor and offer these incentives by clicking on the following link:

McNair Scholars Fee Waiver (entire list)

When making application to institutions that honor fee waivers, you will be required to produce proof of your McNair Scholar status.  Often, these institutions will request a “fee waiver letter” from the McNair Program that you participated in.  Alumni of the ETSU McNair Program should submit requests for fee waiver letters via email to .  Please include the following information when making a request:

  1. Your full current name (please include maiden name if different than current)
  2. The year(s) that you participated in the McNair program
  3. The name of your mentor (if applicable)
  4. The title of your research project (if applicable)
  5. The full name and address of the institution to which you are applying
  6. The deadline date for submitting the fee waiver letter
  7. The address that you want the letter mailed to (whether your home address or the institution, etc.) or the institution contact person’s email if the waiver can be emailed.

Requests that do not contain this information will not be processed. 

ETSU McNair Program Alumni Click Here to Provide an Update

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