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Student Support Services

TRIO Programs (TRIO)


Welcome to the NEXUS Program!

The NEXUS Program is exclusive to traditional-aged freshman students participating in Student Support Services (SSS) NEXUS offers free academic support services to eligible traditional-aged freshman students. NEXUS services include, but are not limited to, academic advisement, tutoring, career and personal counseling, and other services designed to assist the first-year student in transitioning to college and achieving success in their coursework.

Eligibility Requirements for NEXUS:

In order to be eligible for the academic support services offered by the NEXUS Program, a student must be working on their first Bachelor's Degree, be a student at ETSU and a U.S. citizen (or receiving federal funds to attend college). Students must also meet one of the following criteria:

First generation (neither parent has completed a four-year degree program)
Income Eligible
Documented disability

If you think you qualify, please stop by our office on the first floor of Lucille Clement or call 423.439.5396 for more information.

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