Taylor Forbes

Taylor Forbes

Admissions Counselor 423-439-6699

What makes ETSU a great choice for students?

East Tennessee State University has something for almost everyone. As a student that came from a different state, I was pleasantly surprised to find how welcoming ETSU and Johnson City is. ETSU is not only a terrific school academically (offering over 140 majors and minors, several being nationally recognized), but it’s also home to almost 15,000 students who make up over 200 student organizations. Meaning there is something for almost everyone. The university and Johnson City itself feel like home. ETSU has a beautiful campus in a one-of-a-kind city. I was lucky enough to get the big college experience with Greek Life, Student Government, and athletics while also having the opportunity to get to know most of my professors personally thanks to the small class sizes. I also believe ETSU is a perfect choice for prospective students, because it’s affordable. I was able to attend a four-year university and get the four-year experience without having to pay a big price tag (even being out of state). I wouldn’t trade my experiences at ETSU for anything.