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Adobe Alliance

Adobe Alliance Transforms Digital Experiences at ETSU

Thousands of brands worldwide, including 2/3 of Fortune 50 companies, rely on Adobe Marketing Cloud

It is a great time to study at ETSU!

"The job market for digital marketers is hot and Adobe has been an amazing educational partner. There is no program in the country like this!"

Dr. Stephen Marshall, chair of the ETSU Department of Media & Communication

"As our students develop a greater understanding of how to use these Adobe solutions, they will assist clients on campus. This experiential learning process will serve as an excellent transition into the job market where these skills are currently in high demand across the nation."

Dr. Stephen Marshall, chair of the ETSU Department of Media & Communication

We are excited to pioneer this program with Adobe to teach Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions in our courses. As educators we need to be equipping students with the digital tools they need to be proficient with before they enter the workforce.

"This alliance with ETSU provides students the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and develop skills essential for the next generation of digital marketers. ETSU’s innovative academic program will help students improve their digital literacy to succeed in an increasingly competitive landscape."

Karen McCavitt, group manager, worldwide marketing for Adobe Education

As part of these programs, students will have the ability to learn using curriculum that integrates solutions and tools from the Adobe Marketing Cloud .

Adobe's Digital Marketing Cloud
Transforms ETSU

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