How to Enter a Permit in Internet Native Banner

(*Assumes you know basic navigation for Internet Native Banner and have departmental permissions to issue permits)

  1. Go to SFASRPO

  2. Enter Student ID:

    Either old campus student number - example: C10083483 or Banner Number: E00001089

    *Use drop down menu for person search – must use query navigation tools

  3. Enter term or use drop down menu to select term

    (example: spring 2010 = 201010, summer 2010 = 201050, fall 2010 = 201080)

  4. Click Drop Down Menu under Permit column

  5. Choose Appropriate Code

    Choosing appropriate code will give others information to why permit was issued. Approval overrides most problems. Other options may be required for level restriction etc.

  6. Enter CRN, Subject/Course number/section or use drop down search option

  7. Click Save

  8. Verification process: Rollback and then Nextblock, permit should be visible and your username should be populated.

  9. If you need to enter more than 4 permits for a student. Choose Record INSERT, this should give you a blank row to enter permit as usual.

  10. Use scroll bar at right of activity date to view more than 4 permit entries.

  11. Make sure student knows to enter CRN in Add/Drop Registration in GoldLink to accept permit and register for course.


Created by: ETSU Undergraduate Student Advisement

See: for additional training handouts Revision date: 12/2009