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Projects funded by the student Campus Sustainability Fee approved

Tuesday, January 27, 2009JOHNSON CITY — Last year, students at East Tennessee State University voted to levy a new Campus Sustainability Fee to fund ways of making the university a “greener,” more environmentally friendly place.

Now, the ETSU committee charged with following the Tennessee Board of Regents Campus Sustainability Fee Guidelines to disburse the fees has named eight projects for funding:

  • Fund an intern to work with a senior-level marketing class as the students develop a campaign and purchase materials to encourage sustainability on the campus.
  • Install temperature condensate sensors to monitor campus steam lines for leaks, because leaks decrease energy efficiency and increase energy use.
  • Install electric meters at two residence halls to measure electricity use and encourage conservation.
  • Add “Vending Misers” to selected vending machines to reduce energy use during off-peak hours.
  • Purchase outdoor recycling containers for high-density pedestrian areas on campus.
  • Construct an environmental building on campus to house the Recycling Program and Yellow Bike Program.
  • Increase the number of bike racks on campus.
  • Install “smart” electric power strips in selected residence halls to encourage energy conservation.

Additional projects may be funded after the March 1 deadline for proposals.

Students, faculty, staff, registered student organizations, and university offices and administrative units are eligible to submit ideas for “green” endeavors in any of four categories: Energy and Utilities Conservation and Efficiency; Local Energy Generation of Renewables (use of solar or wind power, for example); Alternative Fuel Uses; and Other Environmental — projects aimed at improving the university environment, such as creating “green” buildings, recycling, and waste reduction.

For further information, contact Kathleen Moore, chair of the ETSU Campus Sustainability Fee Committee, at (423) 439-7766 or


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