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'Invisible Rules' – A Women’s Professional Enrichment Video Lunch Break Series

Tuesday, February 10, 2009D.P. Culp University Center, ForumDuring February 2009, two video presentations with Pat Heim, Ph.D., CEO of The Heim Group and best-selling author, are scheduled. Heim has been leading The Heim Group since 1985. She is internationally recognized as an expert in the area of research on gender issues and differences in the workplace. Heim has brought together a team of speakers and facilitators who are dedicated to identifying and solving gender-related issues which are invisibly present in business today.

Men and women live in different cultures. As a result they have different rules regarding what is considered "appropriate" adult behavior. Unfortunately neither gender is aware of these disparate norms and rules and often misread what is being communicated. Women may see men as belligerent and insensitive. Men often see women as over-emotional. What they don‘t understand is that both men and women are doing what works in their own culture. Unfortunately, the same behavior can backfire across culture. Consequently, what seems natural to one gender culture can seem mysterious and baffling to the other.

In her thoughtful and lively presentation, “The Power Dead-Even Rule and Other Gender Differences In The Workplace,” Heim explained some of the different rules of the male and female cultures and helped viewers understand and learn how to improve workplace communication between men and women instead of placing the blame on either gender. The second session, “Invisible Rules,” is scheduled for Tuesday, February 10, 2009, at noon. Heim discusses what seems natural to one gender culture can seem mysterious and baffling to the other. The differences are not right or wrong but they can result in confusion and conflict. By making these invisible rules visible, Dr. Heim provides the basis for better understanding, communication and teamwork.

Location for this session is the Forum, D.P. Culp University Center. The Heim video series is sponsored by the Office of Women in Medicine and the Women’s Resource Center. For more information on this Women’s Professional Enrichment Lunch Break Series, contact the Women’s Resource Center at 423-439-7847.

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