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Accounts Payable

Division of Business and Finance

Accounts Payable FAQs

Can our department purchase food for an event on campus?

Policy FP-6 identifies when food can be purchased for on campus events. When the total dollar value of the meal is $150 or more, the campus dining services supplier, ARAMARK, must be used. Food purchases that do not follow policy will not be paid or reimbursed with university funds.


How do I look up a Vendor's Banner E-Number?

In eBucs, look under the History tab at the top of the eBucs homepage, enter the supplier or vendor name at the supplier tab, then click on Search.  When the purchase orders for the vendor appear, click on any one of them and the Status Screen and Status Tab will open.  Under the General Information heading, you will find the vendor's E-number (listed as the "Supplier Number").

If you are still unable to find the vendor's E-number, please call Accounts Payable (439-4224) and we will assist you.


How can I check and see if an invoice has been paid?

Departments can now search through Goldlink Self-Service Banner to find what has been paid.  For instructions on how to use Goldlink Self-Service Banner, please click here.


 How can I tell if a payment has been processed?

Departments have access to this information directly through Goldlink Self-Service Banner.  In Banner, you are able to see the date for check printing and also obtain the check number.  For instructions on how to use Goldlink Self-Service Banner, please click here.


Why did I get an email to create a receipt when I did not get a hard copy of the invoice?

All the hard copies of invoices associated with a purchase order that come directly to accounts payable stay in Accounts Payable.  Once the invoice is entered into eBucs, an email is generated to the purchase order owner that an invoice has been entered into eBucs and needs a receipt so payment can be made.  At this time, if the item has already been receipted, an email is still sent.


What are the mileage and per diem rates?

The Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) sets the mileage and meal rates.  The mileage rate as of August 1, 2011, is $0.47 per mile.  This rate is subject to change by TBR.

Per diem rates are the allowed reimbursement rates (on a daily basis) for lodging (excluding taxes), meals and incidental expenses.  These expenses are also known as the Meals & Incidental Expenses).

The General Services Administration (GSA) establishes per diem rates for destinations within the continental United States.  You can find for the currently promulgated rates at GSA's website. Select the appropriate state.  The city in which your services are provided may be listed.

If your city is not listed, please look for the county in which you will be staying at the National Association of Counties (NACO) website


What form does the reimbursement of travel for candidates go on?

Reimbursement or Check Request Form is necessary. No W-9 form is required for reimbursement of expenses.


How can I verify a payment has been paid to a Vendor?

Departments can obtain this information on Goldlink Self-Service Banner.  They are able to see when the vendor was paid and also obtain the check number.  For instructions on how to use Goldlink Self-Service Banner, please click here.


How do I receipt an order?

First, enter the Purchase Order into eBucs at the search box located in the upper-right hand corner of the eBucs homepage, and the Status Screen and Status tab will open.  An "Available Actions" drop-down box is located at the right-hand side of the page.  Select either (1) C reate a Quantity Receipt, or (2) Create a Cost Receipt, and select the Go button.

You will then be on the Draft Receipts tab.  Enter the quantity or the cost that you are receipting.  Once the information is verified, click the Complete button in the upper right-hand corner of the tab.


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