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Bursar's Office

Division of Business and Finance

Although all charges are due and payable in full at the beginning of each term, students in good financial standing at ETSU may request deferment of up to 75% of their tuition, fees and housing for fall and spring semesters. Deferment of fees is not available for summer terms.


  • Minimum down payment of 25% of tuition, fees, dorm rent, and dining plan.
  • Any outstanding prior term balances must be paid in full before enrolling in the current term installment plan.
  • No late payments in previous semesters.
  • All financial aid received including student loans must be applied before deferment is allowed.


  • You must enroll in the payment plan using Goldlink.
  • You must schedule future payments at the time of enrollment.
  • Financial aid (including all grants, loans, and scholarships) can not be used as the initial down payment for the installment plan.
  • Deferred amount is payable in four monthly installments. The initial down payment is due on or before the fee payment deadline for the term.
  • Sept 24, Oct 24, and Nov 24 for fall term.
  • Feb 28, Mar 31, and April 30 for spring term.
  • Payments are due whether or not you receive a reminder notice.


  • A $50.00 late fee will be assessed on the 10th day after the published installment due date if the installment is not paid (maximum charge of $200.00 per term).
  • The University will withhold services including grades, transcripts, and future registration until all fees including late fees are paid in full.
  • All existing rules and policies pertaining to returned checks, refunds, withdrawals, dropped classes, and collection costs are applicable to the deferred payment policy.
  • EXAMPLE: This example is based upon an in-state full time (15 hours) undergraduate freshman student living in a double room for the fall 2018 term. The fees listed are an estimate and subject to be changed by East Tennessee State University.
  Total Amount
Minimum Amount Due by
Fee Payment Due Date
Tuition* $3,711.00 $927.75
Required Program Service Fee 927.50 231.88
Dorm Rent 1,955.00 488.75
Dining Plan 1,758.00 439.50
Total $8,351.50 $2,087.88

The remaining three installments in the above example will be approximately $2,087.88. 

Payments must be scheduled for automatic payment with a guaranteed payment method at the time you enroll in the payment plan. Please note, all credit card payments will be assessed a 2.75% service fee.

July 10, 2018

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