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Division of Business and Finance

East Tennessee State University

FP-9 Records Disposal

I.   General
II.  "Records Disposal Authorization" Form


I. General

The Tennessee Board of Regents has set forth guidelines regarding the disposal of institutional records. The Records Officer, in accordance with provisions of these procedures, must approve disposal of all official institutional records. Unless specified otherwise, or otherwise required by law, records may be microfilmed or imaged and the paper copy destroyed upon verification of an archival quality reproduction. The microfile or image will them be retained for the balance of the indicated retention period.

Records may be disposed of by burning or shredding with shredding being the preferred method. Records may also be disposed of through the City of Johnson City recycling program. No record shall be destroyed, however, so long as it pertains to any ending legal case, claim or action, or to any federal or state audit until such actions have been concluded.

The minimum retention period for records is contained in TBR Guideline G-070. Notwithstanding the state retention period, should such periods conflict with federal law, the period of longer retention shall apply.

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II. "Records Disposal Authorization" Form

The " Records Disposal Authorization" form must be used to request authorization to dispose of out-dated records. The form must be submitted to the Comptroller’s Office for approval by the Records Officer prior to disposal of any records.

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Exhibit 9.A -  Records Disposal Authorization Form

Original effective date: October 1, 1982
Revised: November 15, 1984, September 21, 2001
Last review: March 1, 2004

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