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Division of Business and Finance

East Tennessee State University

FP-27 Approval of Fees

I.  General Provisions
II. Approval of Fees Administered by the University

I. General Provisions

A. The Tennessee Board of Regents must establish or approve all institutional fees and charges unless specifically delegated to the University. The President or his/her designee is responsible for approving all fees at the University level.

B. Fees may only be charged that are in accordance with TBR Guideline B-060   Fees, Charges and Refunds.

C. The following fees are subject to approval of the Tennessee Board of Regents:

1. Maintenance Fees
2. Out-of-State Tuition
3. Debt Service Fees
4. Specialized Academic Fees
5. Student Government Fee and Student Activity Fee
6. Miscellaneous Course Fees
7. Application Fee
8. Late Registration Fee
9. Graduation Fee
10. Returned Check Fee
11. Motor Vehicle Registration
12. Post Office Box
13. Traffic Fines
14. Applied Music Fee
15. Technology Access Fee
16. Student Residence Hall and Apartments

D. TBR approves fee changes once each year during the budgeting process. Requests for  changes to TBR approved fees will be coordinated through the Budget Office.  Typically requests for fee changes will be due during the first week of March in the Office of Budget and Financial Planning.

E. The University Comptrollers Office is responsible for maintaining supporting documentation evidencing fee determination and approval.

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II. Approval of Fees Administered by the University

A. New Fees

Any recommendation regarding new fees to be charged by a University department should be forwarded to the University Comptrollers Office from the appropriate Vice President. The University Comptrollers Office will be responsible for obtaining the appropriate institutional approvals and will notify the requesting department if the fee has been approved.

B. Existing Fees The following fees are currently authorized. Changes may be approved by the President or his/her designee. Any requested changes in the approved fee must be forwarded to the University Comptrollers Office.

1. Sales of goods and services of a commercial nature, including bookstores, food services, vending, laundry and similar activities.
2. Rental of non-student housing and facilities.
3. Admissions fees to athletic and other events open to the public, including special  events sponsored by campus organizations and activities.
4. Sales and services of educational activities such as clinical services, publications, etc.
5. Registration for conferences, institutes and non-credit activities.
6. Fees for use of campus facilities.
7. Parking permits and parking meters for use by guests and visitors.
8. Library fines.
9. Thesis and dissertation fees.
10. Childcare fees.
11. Standardized test fees.
12. ID card replacement fee.

C.   Where appropriate, delegation may be made to a department to determine and charge fees without further approvals. Such instances may include areas such as non-credit courses, wellness center programs, etc. Documentation of the approved delegation must be on file in the Comptroller's Office. The department will be responsible for maintaining:

1. documentation of the delegation of fee approval by the President or designee.

2. current fee schedule.

3. methodology used to determine fees (i.e. cost, market price, etc.)


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Original effective date: April 1, 1999
Revised: December 18, 2003
Last review: December 18, 2003

Web page last updated 09/21/04

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