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Contract Services

Procurement and Contract Services


How to Process a Contract

Any type of agreement that legally obligates the University including but not limited to the provision of payments, services, goods or use of University properties, facilities or other resources to an external party (hereinafter “contracts”) must be signed by the President or designee.

Contracts which are not East Tennessee State University standard forms must be reviewed by the Office of University Counsel before being signed by an authorized University official. Contracts may be called, but are not limited to, contracts, agreements, memorandum of understanding, memorandum of agreement, purchase orders, or terms and conditions.

Individuals who execute contracts that are not authorized to do so may be personally liable for the obligation of the contract.


  • The University standard contracts are located on the Contracts section of the Financial Services website. All proposed contracts, even those using the standard form, must be reviewed by the department authority. An Agreement Routing Form must be filled out and signed by the appropriate department official. The contract and signed Agreement Routing Form should then be forwarded to Procurement and Contract Services for processing and signature.

  • For all non-competitive (sole source) contracts over $10,000, a justification for sole source must accompany the routing form and contract. The Justification for Sole Source form is available on the Procurement and Contract Services web site.

  • Per ETSU policy FP-40 the listed positions below (or their designee) may approve contracts:
    • President
    • Vice President

  • Prior approval of Tennessee General Assembly Fiscal Review Committee is required for all      non-competitive (i.e., “sole source”) contracts of a total value of $250,000 or more, and for a term greater than one (1) year. This process requires submission to Fiscal Review Committee at least 75 calendar days  prior to the effective start date.
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