Bucs Helping Bucs

ETSU community coming together to help those in need

Bucs Helping Bucs

Emergency Relief for our ETSU Family

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Bucs Help Bucs will answer the call of students and staff who need our help now and will aid in continuing a world-class environment to enhance student success and improve the quality of life in the region and beyond.



No one was truly prepared for an emergency of the scale we are currently experiencing, least of all our students.  Many of them need our support today, throughout the disruption, and after they return to campus.

 Since the onset of this health crisis, many members of the Buccaneer family reached out to ask how they could help.  As one response, we will pivot the ETSU Day of Giving (April 22, 2020) as an occasion to target emergent needs.  We understand there is uncertainty for everyone right now, but we ask you to help however you are able, by making a gift and/or by advocating for ETSU across your social networks.  Our family requests your help, especially in these areas:

 Student/Staff Emergency/Crisis Funds.

  • Buccaneer Student Crisis Fund (203922). Serves all ETSU students.  Provides financial assistance to currently enrolled ETSU students who experience an unexpected loss or hardship affecting their ability to remain at ETSU.  May assist with travel, housing needs, food insecurity, and other issues as determined by the ETSU CARE Team.
  • Employee Assistance Fund (203890). Provides resources to assist current employees in times of an emergency or special need.  Funds are distributed at the discretion of ETSU Human Resources.
  • Bucky’s Food Pantry (221720). Aids those in need of food resources and raises awareness of food insecurity and hunger on the ETSU campus. Bucky’s Food Pantry is unique in that it serves the needs of students, staff, and faculty – the whole of the ETSU community.
  • ETSU Counseling Center (204220). Provides a variety of services, including 24-hour counseling (in-person or electronic), access to psychiatric services, and tools and resources to help students return to school.  NOTE:  Staff & Faculty are able to access counseling through the Employee Assistance Program via Human Resources.


Note:  Donors will also be offered the “Other” designation with a write-in box.

 ETSU has developed and implemented many policies and guidelines to help our students, faculty, and staff not only get through these troubled times, but to also continue on a path toward success.  You can learn more about our response to COVID-19 at etsu.edu/coronavirus.