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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

General Program Information

The Master of Science degree program in Paleontology is designed to prepare students for conducting research in one of the many realms of Paleontology with particular emphasis on Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleobotany. Students will fully exploit the paleontologic resources provided by the Gray Fossil Site, local caves, and other deposits. This concentration will provide an alternate track to Geology for the purpose of training in Paleontology and will foster interdisciplinary research between both faculty and students from ETSU and other institutions.


Core Requirements

  • One of the following Topics courses (selection of the appropriate courses will be made in consultation with the student's advisory committee and/or the graduate coordinator):
    • Biol 5100 - Cell/Molecular Biology
    •  Biol 5200 - Organismal Biology
    • Biol 5300 - Ecology/Evolution
    • Biol 5400 - Systematic Biology
  • Biol 5480 - Paleobotany
  • Biol 5600 - Bibliographic Research (must be taken the first fall semester)
  • Biol 5700 - Seminar
  • Biol 5960 - Thesis
  • Geol 5307 - Field Methods in Paleontology
  • Geol 5350 - Statistical Methods in Paleontology
  • Geol 5700 - Seminar in Geosciences
  • Geos 5100 - Paleoherpetology
  • Geos 5150 - Paleomammalogy

Elective Requirements

  • 4 Credit hours of graduate courses at the discretion of the student's graduate committee




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