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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

James Donaldson

James T. Donaldson 

Adjunct Curator
Botany and Ecology

Research Interest:

Restoring the globally-rare balds on Roan Mountain, NC-TN ( as well as compiling the Roan Mountain and Cherokee National Forest plant lists. In addition to being adjunct curator since 1999, also instructor for the Smoky Mountain Field School (UT Knoxville) since 2004, and a small business owner (botanist and biological consultant) since 1994.

Selected Publications:

Glennon, KL; Donaldson JT; Church, SA. 2011. Evidence for hybridization between the endangered Roan Mountain bluet, Houstonia purpurea var. montana (Rubiaceae), and its common cogener. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 138(3): 272-286.

Donaldson, JT. Baatany in the Balds. 2009. Appalachian Trail Journeys 5(4): 10-15 (July – August 2009).

Kirschke, D.; Donaldson, J.; Hintz, C.; Jones, B.; McDowell, T.; Ogle, D.; Saunders, N.; Whittemore, A. 2007. Wildflower Guide to Buffalo Mountain Park. Friends of Nature, ETSU University Press, Johnson City, TN.

Smith, TW; Donaldson, JT; Wieboldt, TF; Kauffman, GL; Waterway, MJ. 2006. The geographical and ecological distribution of the Roan Mountain Sedge, Carex roanensis (Cyperaceae). Castanea 71(1): 45-53.

Donaldson, JT. 1997. Castanea dentata "Tree paste". Chinquapin 5(3): 21.


BIO 4247/5247 Appalachian Flora
BIO 4450 Bryophytes, Ferns, Seed Plants,
BIO 3240 Plant Anatomy

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