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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

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Anna C. Hiatt 

Adjunct Faculty

Research Intersts:

My primary focus is in undergraduate biology education research and is primarily focused on increasing student success whether that be increased learning gains or improved attitudes towards science. My current projects are investigating student perceptions of learning in courses that utilize hybridized, online coursework and how to best utilize post-lecture work to maximize both perceived and real student learning.

This next year will be full of exciting new projects: I will be working as a Co-PI with Dr. Jones on an NSF-sponsored research project investigating the impacts different graphical user interfaces may have on students using online modeling software. Additionally, I will begin to work on implementing course-based undergraduate research projects in the introductory biology courses as part of a regional, NSF-supported project with UNC-Asheville and Appalachian State University which will utilize phenology gardens to investigate the impacts of climate change on local flora and to improve the botanical curriculum in introductory courses.


Biology for Science Majors II (BIOL1120)

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