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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Foster Levy

Foster  Levy 

Professor Emeritus
423-439-6926 /
Brown Hall, Room 409

Research Interest:

Research conducted by my students and and me is focused on understanding the causes and patterns of disease in natural plant populations. The most recent work targeted the Lily Leaf Sport Disease of Gray's Lily, a rare species found on Roan Mountain. The work on Roan is conducted in concert with studies to test the hypothesis that loss of the high elevation mountain bald habitat has been a consequence of loss of mega-herbivores. We have also studied the impacts of adelgid insects on hemlock and fir trees. Other students have directed their projects toward floristic studies of regional sites with high conservation priorities.

Selected Publications:

Levy, F., and J.T. Donaldson.  2018.  Morphology, geographic distribution, and conservation of the Southern Appalachian endemic, Solidago lancifolia (Torrey & A. Gray) Chapman (Asteraceae).  J. Torr. Bot. Soc. 145:281-295.

Levy, F., and J.T. Donaldson.  2018.  Additions to the vascular flora of the Rocky Fork Tract, Tennessee, USA.  J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 12:373-375.

Ingram, R.I., J.T. Donaldson, and F. Levy.  2018.  Impacts, prevalence, and spatio-temporal patterns of lily leaf spot disease on Lilium grayi (Liliaceae), Gray’s lily.  J. Torrey Bot. Soc. 145:296-310.

Ingram, R.I., Levy, F., Barrett, C.L., and J.T. Donaldson.  2017.  Mining herbaria for the historic prevalence of lily leaf spot disease (Pseudocercosporella inconspicua) on Gray’s Lily (Lilium grayi) and Canada Lily (L. canadense).  Rhodora 119:163-173.

Levy, F., and E.S. Walker.  2016.  Vascular flora of the Rocky Fork Tract, Tennessee, USA, and its use in conservation and management.  J. Bot. Res. Inst. Texas 10:547-567.

Levy, F., Wagner, D.L., and E.S. Walker.  2016.  Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscripta) caterpillars feeding on sourwood (Oxydendrum arboreum) and their predation by black bears in northeast Tennessee.  Southeastern Naturalist 15:394–402.

Ratliff, W.S., Walker, E.S., and F. Levy.  2015.  Population demographics and disease assessments in three Tennessee populations of Buckleya distichophylla (Nutt.) Torr. (Santalaceae).  Castanea 80:243–252.

Levy, F., E.S. Walker. 2014.  Pattern and rate of decline of a population of Carolina Hemlock (Tsuga caroliniana Engelm.) in North Carolina.  Southeastern Naturalist 13 (Special Issue 6):46-60.

Dinkins, Z.C., Nandi, A., Levy, F., and J. Donaldson.  2014.  Surface soil properties of alder balds (Alnus viridis ssp. crispa) with respect to grassy and woody vegetation on Roan Mountain, Tennessee.  Southeastern Naturalist, 13:377-395.

Levy, F., R. Pyles, C. Szarejko, L. Wyatt. 2012. Developing an electronic repository for undergraduate theses. Honors in Practice 8:135-146.

Glass, P.M. and F. Levy.  2011.  Correspondence of morphology, phylogeny and reproductive barriers in Phacelia subgenus Cosmanthus (Hydrophyllaceae).  J. Torr. Bot. Club, 138:348-352.

Verhaegh S.J.C, Snippe M.L., Levy F., Verbrugh H.A., Jaddoe V.W.V., Hofman A., Moll H.A., van Belkum A., and J.P. Hays. 2011. Colonization of healthy children by Moraxella catarrhalis is characterized by genotype heterogeneity, virulence gene diversity, and co-colonization with Haemophilus influenzae. Microbiology 157:169-78.

Lusk, L., M. Mutel, E.S. Walker, F. Levy. 2010. Forest change in high elevation forests of Mt. Mitchell, North Carolina: Re-census and analysis of data collected over 40 years. Pp. 104-112 in, Proceedings of the Symposium on High Elevation Forests in the Central and Southern Appalachians, Snowshoe, WV.

Shams, W., E.S. Walker, F. Levy, S.A. Reynolds, S.M. Peterson, F.A. Sarubbi. 2010. Comparative activity of telavancin and other antimicrobial agents against MRSA isolates collected from 1991 to 2006. Chemotherapy 56:411-416.

Winkler, W., R. Pyles, F. Levy. 2010. Using Radio to Publicize Undergraduate Research at East Tennessee State University. In, J. Kinkaid and S. Pedigio, Advancing Undergraduate Research: Public Relations, Marketing, and Fund-raising. CUR Press, Washington.

Khan, M.A., Northwood, J.B., Levy, F., Verhaegh, S.J.C., Farrell, D.J., van Belkum, A. and J.P. Hays. 2010. bro beta-lactamase and antibiotic resistances in a global cross-sectional study of Moraxella catarrhalis from children and adults. J. Antimicrob. Chem. 65:91-97.

Previously taught courses:

  • Population Genetics (BIOL4747)
  • Conservation Biology (BIOL4737)
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