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Biological Sciences

College of Arts & Sciences

Dr. Rebecca Pyles

Rebecca  Pyles 

Professor Emerita
423-439-6929 /
Brown Hall, Room 309

Research Interest:

General research interests center on vertebrate evolution, with specific emphasis on development in amphibians and reptiles.  My research approach is a comparative and integrative, typically focused on aspects of skeletal development as a tool to compare evolution across different life history strategies.  Recent investigations have focused on the impact of calcium resource provisioning during development in the evolution of viviparity in reptiles.  I also have interests in exploring the role of honors, undergraduate research, and internship experiences in enhancing undergraduate education.

Selected Publications:

Levy, F., R.A. Pyles, L. Wyatt, C. Sazarejko. (2012) Developing an Electronic Repository for Undergraduate Thesis. National Collegiate Honors Council, Honor in Practice 8:135-146

Stinnett, H., J.R. Stewart, T.W. Ecray, R.A. Pyles, M.B. Thompson, J. Herbert. (2012) Placental development and expression of calcium transporting proteins in the extraembryonic membrances of a placentotrophic lizard. J. Morphology, 273:347-359.

Shanks, N. and R.A. Pyles. (2011) Problem-solving in the lifecycles of multi-cellular organisms. IN: Terzis G. and R. Arp (eds.), Information and Living Systms, Philosophical and Scientific Perspectives. MIT Press, Cambridge, MA

Pyles, R.A. and F. Levy. (2009) Research Discovery at East Tennessee State University.IN: Boyd, M.K. and Wesemann, J.L. (eds), Broadening Participation in Undergraduate Research. Council Research, Washington, D.C.

Wilson, K. M. Crowe, J. Singh, A. Stamatoplos, E. Rubens, J. Gosney, D. Dimaculangan, F. Levy, M. Zrull, R.A. Pyles. (2009) Using electronic portfolios to measure student gains from mentored research. CUR Quarterly 29:6-32


  • Honors Great Ideas in Science
  • Biology Research Orientation
  • Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • Honors Foundations of Research
  • General Biology II for Majors
  • Topics in Systematics (Grad)
  • Scientific Illustration (Grad special)
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