Pre-Health Living-Learning Community (PHLLC)

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What does PHLLC involvement look like?

  • Move to campus early for PHLLC orientation and training
  • Attend ETSU Preview weekend
  • Live in Lucille Clement Hall with a PHLLC roommate for at least your first 2 years
  • Take designated courses as a group
  • Attend regular meetings, participate in community service, and attend professional development events throughout the academic year
  • Maintain a minimum 3.3 GPA

Applications for PHLLC are now open!  Click below to apply.

Why join PHLLC?

Who is eligible?

Criteria & Requirements

How will I know if I have been accepted?

Why do our current members enjoy being part of the PHLLC?

I refuse to be anything less than the best candidate for medical school. Pre-Veterinary student
I enjoy being in an intellectually challenging environment. Pre-Medical student