Applying to professional school has become an extremely competitive process, requiring that students go beyond the basic requirements for admissions.

The Office of Medical Professions Advisement believes that being competitive candidate encompasses multiple facets of both the student’s personal and professional life. Below you will find more information about the components of a strong, competitive application. 

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Academic Excellence

Seek opportunities through coursework, organizations, community service, job shadowing, and internships.

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Clinical Shadowing

It is never too early to start acquiring clinical experiences.

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Community Service

Students should seek volunteer and service projects that focus on giving back to their community.

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Extracurricular Activities

Build skills that demonstrate time management, conflict resolution, teamwork, responsibility, and resilience.

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Demonstrated Leadership

Students involved in volunteering and extracurricular activities must demonstrate leadership ability.

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Compelling Personal Statement

Why do you want to be a healthcare professional? What is your desire? What fueled your fire?

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Interview Skills

Learn how to make the right impression.

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Research Opportunities

Working in a research setting can help make you a competitive medical school applicant.

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