2019 University Medical Professions Evaluation Committee

Coordinated by: Martha Edde, Assistant Dean for Student Success Constance Vannoy, Executive Aide

Dr. Doug Burgess (Co-Chair)

Department of History

Dr. Michael Allen

Department of Philosophy & Humanities

Dr. Michelle Byrd

Office of Student Affairs

Dr. Allen B Coates

Department of Philosophy & Humanities

Dr. Michele L Crumley

Department of Political Science, International Affairs, and Public Administration

Dr. Karen Kornweibel

Honors College

Dr. John Rankin

Department of History

Dr. Melissa Schrift

Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Dr. Daniel Westover

Department of Literature and Language

Dr. Gary Henson (Co-Chair)

Department of Physics, Astronomy, & Geology

Dr. Michael Bourassa

Department of Physical Therapy

Dr. William D Currie

Department of Information Technology Services

Dr. Cerrone Foster

Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Sean Fox

Department of Health Sciences

Dr. Dhirendra Kumar

Department of Biological Sciences

Dr. Michelle Lee

Department of Rehabilitative Sciences

Dr. Reza M Mohseni

Department of Chemistry

Dr. Victoria Pope

College of Nursing