Your composite evaluation application will include evaluations from four faculty members. These letters are intended to focus on your academic abilities and your interactions with your professor and fellow students in that specific academic setting. 

Choosing faculty evaluators

  • Two evaluations must come from science/math faculty.
  • Two evaluations must come from faculty in non-sciences.
  • No two instructors may be from the same department.
  • Choose full-time tenured/tenure track faculty.

All evaluators must be approved by the MPA Office. If you are having trouble finding instructors who meet these criteria, please consult with your advisor.


Tips for requesting evaluations

  • Ask in advance
  • Talk to your instructors in person. 
  • Provide a resume

All faculty evaluators must be approved by the MPA Office before your instructors will receive the online notification of your request.


What's next?

Follow up and make sure that all forms are submitted online before 4:30 p.m. on the application deadline. If you have difficulty getting your forms completed, consult Martha Edde for suggestions.