1. Meet with your MPA Counselor | All students planning to participate in MPA Composite Evaluation need to meet with their counselor to discuss eligibility and assess your readiness to participate in the evaluation process.
  2. Request access to the application | Contact Constance Vannoy in the MPA office to request access to the Composite Evaluation application once the evaluation period begins.
  3. Complete the application | Once you enter the system, you will complete the evaluation process instruction sheet and request the MPA evaluation, evaluation review waiver form, evaluation application, faculty evaluation forms, and student profile. 
  4. Submit your evaluation application | The first 34 completed applications (including the completed faculty evaluations) will receive a notification email and continue the evaluation process.
  5. Schedule your interviews | MPA staff will schedule you for interviews with two members of the ETSU Medical Professions Preprofessional Evaluation Committee.
  6. Await notification that your evaluation letter is complete | At this point, your part in the composite evaluation process is complete. The ETSU Medical Professions Preprofessional Evaluation Committee will meet at the appointed time for your cycle to consider all students who are undergoing evaluation. You will receive an email notification when your evaluation letter is complete.
  7. Direct the MPA Office in sending your letter | Once you receive notification that your letter is complete, it is your responsibility to notify Ms. Constance Vannoy, the MPA Evaluation Coordinator, of when and where the letters should be sent.