Baylee DeLozier


In high school, I discovered the MPA advisement office’s website when researching potential schools. After choosing ETSU, I also applied for the Pre-Health Living Learning Community. The PHLLC works closely with the MPA office during orientation; I was introduced to everyone in the office before school started. As I progressed towards application season, I utilized the MPA office more frequently. They answered several questions regarding the application process and how to improve my application. They also helped in deciding which classes are beneficial for MCAT preparation.


Student organizations

I was involved in the Pre-Health Living Learning Community (PHLLC) and Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED). Both organizations allowed me to explore other careers in healthcare as well as prepare me for medical school.


ETSU classes and faculty/staff members

Dr. Shilabin helped me the most. He taught several classes and labs, and he genuinely cared about helping students learn. Every Pre-Med student has to make it through organic chemistry, and Dr. Shilabin is a great professor. His classes prepared me for the MCAT very well.


One piece of advice

Get involved with organizations that interest you. Knowing upperclassmen as a freshman and sophomore helped show me firsthand what I had to do to get into medical school. Those wanting to go into healthcare love to help people. Upperclassmen do their best to help by providing you with advice they wish they had as an underclassman.